Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: alcohol ban in Kanpur.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and Tiwari having drinks,and narrating shayari,Vibhu says you are a good man,tiwari says I guess you are drunk,you are praising me,Vibhu says you are right, you dint deserved to be praised,tiwari says what to do alcohol makes enemy friends,tikka malkhan Tilu passing by ask having Imported alcohol,Vibhu asks Tilu all well,Tilu says not really,let me have some snacks,Vibhu says dare you touch my snacks,you cheap,Tilu says we know who it is,tiwari slaps them,and says let me make you a large glass.

Anu says vibbu enough,I, waiting for you,tiwari says you should have told me I would send him, Anguri comes in balcony and says come soon enough of those drinks,tiwari says I will go sleep,she says I cant sleep alone,I feel scared,Vibhu says I shall send him once we finish,Anu says cmon

enough of it,Vibhu says stop it,you are icntrolling this too,Anguri says this isn’t good,stop drinking,or else I shall call Amaji,tiwari says get lost,Anu says look at them alcoholics ,Vibhu says when shahrukh Khan has it he is lover and when we its alcoholic.anu says enough let’s contact commissioner.

Commissioner Happu with Anguri and Anita at Mishra house,commissioner says did anyone eve tease,Happu says what I shall not leave that man,Anu says oh not at all I want you to ban alcohol,Angrui says yes ban alcohol,he says that’s not possible because men have only this means to forget their pain,Anu says it’s not a means,it’s a bad addiction,angrui says yes our husbands are spoiling,Happu says then stop them why alcohol,Anu says behave responsible,alcohol is injurious to health,Anguri says it’s useless to argue to them,Happu says how about one more cup of tea.

Vibhu and Tiwari at Tiwari house,making alcohol plans,Vibhu says let’s buy something Else Today,How about scotch,tiwari says 50-50,Vibhu says oh cmon I’m giving you my company,you can spend a little on your friends,tiwari says done deal,i shall get scotch in evening.

Anu and angrui walk in,and says Anu says I shall shoot every man with alcohol,tiwari and Vibhu make excuses and leave,Anu says look from the time they have become alcoholic their behaviour has changed and now I shall contact chief minister,Anguri says good idea.

Vibhu playing games,receives message from Tiwari and says let’s rock the evening,Anu asks him where are you going,Vibhu says important work,angrui says Tiwari this time belongs to wife,tiwari says yes correct here’s my watch.anu says baby the time is so romantic,Vibhu says I’m not in mood,Anu says I will look after it. Tiwari says Anguri you are in mood today,but I shall take a leave,angrui and Anu woo Tiwari and Vibhu respectively with a song but Vibhu and Tiwari escape and run away.

Commissioner with Gulfamkali says,I enjoy your show so much and dance a lot,I just fall asleep,Gulfamkali says good now go and sleep,he says it’s so ramintc come let’s have an ice cream,Gulfamkali says it’s not safe so late,he says I’m commissioner what are you saying,a man comes and dashes him, he gets angry and says can’t you see and finds that the person is drunk and says you don’t know who am I,the person slaps commissioner and leaves.gulfamkali asks are you fine,he says yes,but who this person is,Gulfamkali says forget him let’s go have ice cream,he says no some other day and leaves.

Happu in colony makes an announcement. Tikka to,u malkhna aren’t listening,Happu slaps them and says pay attention and says so as per commissioners rule there is alcohol ban in Kanpur from today,and if found you shall be jailed.malkhan says tikka you have alcohol in breakfast what will you do now,tikka hits him, Anita says good job Happu Singh.

Vibhu says Tiwari did you hear the same thing,tiwari says how will we spend evenings now and all leave. Anu says Anguri I’m free of Vibhus step now,angrui says what he has an affair,Anu say is meant alcohol. All guys at tea stall,Vibhu says how did commissioner do this,tiwari says yes whole plan is spoilt now ,Saxena walks and asks what happened,tiwari slaps him,Vibhu says matter is serious please leave us alone,Saxena says at least tell me,Vibhu says alcohol ban in Kanpur from today.

Saxena says wow this is good thing,Vibhu says Tiwari do the honours,tiwari slaps again,Saxena says don’t worry im here,tiwari says you have stock,Saxena says I have formula to make alcohol,Vibhu says get lost we will drink alcohol made by you,tiwari slaps him and he leaves,Vibhu asks what now,malkhan says don’t worry we shall arrange alcohol,Tilu says but you need to send a bit,tiwari says don’t worry on that,we shall pay as much you want,Tilu says oh really you never realise my payment,Vibhu says is it you can get alcohol,Tika says yes we can,Vibhu says I love these boys,Tilu says advance,Vibhu says Tiwari cmon give them money and forcefully pays money to Tilu,

Precap : tikka Tilu malkhan fail to get alcohol,tiwari and Vibhu ask Saxena for help.
Saxena says this alochol is quite a high one,they both have it,Vibhu says today I shall express my feelings to bhabhiji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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