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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita getting up at night from bed and screaming. Vibhu gets up and asks what happened? Anita tells that first doubt she has is why did he put anguri against rai bahadur in last lifetime. Second what did he do in the room? Third what did he see from the rocks? Vibhu says dont you have any work anita? Anita says this is good work ofcourse. Vibhu says this is not work and this is some doubt she has. Anita says no and she wants to know what her husband did in the last lifetime. Vibhu says what nonsense and it was his past and why does she care? Anita says ofcourse she does. Vibhu says so think if he has done something then will she give him divorce. Anita says depends. Vibhu says what the hell and are u serious? Anita says yes. Vibhu says you are a very doubty person

and he is fed up. Anita says she will know what happened last lifetime.
At night vibhu climbs the stairs and gets to tiwaris window. Tiwari is sleeping. He wakes up tiwari. Tiwari comes and asks what happened? Vibhu says he is fed up and they both must be having same problem because if they have done something last lifetime then they will be exposed and their wives will not leave them. Tiwati says that right and anguri will not leave him as she is already angry because he martied her for 5th time. Vibhu says yes so they should do something. Tiwari says yes. Anguri suddenly gets up and screams. Tiwari and vibhu see and tiwari asks what happened? Anguri says she saw a bad dream about them and she will know what had happened last lifetime. Tiwari says just forget it. Vibuu also says yes. Anguru says what are u doing here? Vibhu says nothing i will meet u tomorrow. Vibhu goes. Anguri n tiwari sleep.
Next day new session starts. Anguri goes in last lifetime. She tells that anguri queen is going to bath at river and mangilal is coming behind her. Anita looks at vibhu. Then anguri tells that vibhu is hiding in rocks and looking at someone in the river. Anita says someone? Anguri says yes its not me and its someone else. Anita looks at vibhu. Then anguri tells oh my god that woman is saxena and that saxena was a female last lifetime. Everyone is shocked and vibhu is ashamed that he was looking at saxena. Then anita tells ok leave it and says what had happened in the room please tell me that. Anguri says ok she is going in the room. Anita tells quick. Vibhu and tiwari says leave it why do they want to know this. Anita says shut up and sit down. Anguri tells that anita is sitting there and tiwari rai bahadur tells her to go and says close the door as mangilal will stay inside. Anita says oh and what happebs after that? Anguri says yes she is going. Anguri opens the door and is shocked. She tells tiwari snd vibhu are on the bed. Anita says what feeling disgusted. Tiwari and vibhu also feel shocked and disgusted. Vibhu says please anita for god sake leave it and lets go. Anita asks anguri what is going? Anguri says shocked tiwari is feeding vibhu grapes romantically. Anita says what? Vibhu and tiwari feel disgusted. Anita says ok anguri come back to present. Anguri comes back. She then looks at tiwari and vibhu and hides her face as she feels ashamed of them. Tiwari and vibhu get up and go. Anguri cries. Outside in frontyard tiwari asks vibhu how is he feeling? Vibhu tells you are a disgisting man and you took advantage of a servant and assaulted him. Tiwari is speechless. Dad comes on scooter. He then asks both what had finally happened behind that door? Vibhu says in dads ears. Dad slaps tiwari and tiwari goes. Dad then tells vibhu that he is sorry for that as his son in law assaulted vibhu s*xually last lifetime but he also wants to know what did he see behind the rocks when his daughter anguri was bathing in river. Vibhu says everything about saxena in dads ears. Dad slaps vibhu too. Vibhu tells dad will he take a drink. Dad says put the bottle in his scooter dickey and he will take it home. Dad goes. Vibhu says this old fool always wants alcohol. Episode ends.

Precap: anita asks vibhu that to whom was he saying all bad stuff about her? Vibhu tells does she remember that man on whose face she had thrown ink. Anita says oh david uncle my eldest uncle. Vibhu says he told him he has married sunita and not anita. Anita says why? Vibhu tells because if he would have told that then uncle wouldnt have promised to give all his wealth to him. Anita says now from where should we bring sunita? At anguris house anita tells anguri and tiwari that her uncle david is coming tomorrow. Tiwari says how can they help. Anita tells that anguri please be vibhus wife for a day until david uncle is there and it would be great help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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