Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Tiwari gets possessed

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu says you have money to produce films but not pay me my salary,Tiwari gets angry,saxena says forget them I shall give you script in 6 months,tiwrai says that’s to much,saxena says slap me 5 times and I shall give you early,tikka says Bhaiya show some mercy on us too,happu asks what are you upto,tikka says Tiwari Bhaiya is production and directing a film,happu says there’s a hidden actor in me too give me a role too,Tiwari says all shall get roles but no payment,happu says what is this,tikka says we don’t want any money just stardom,we are in for it.

Saxena thinking about script,and says romantic film god and sits on the chair,the shadow again appears on the wall and Saxena starts writing the script,it’s the shadow writing.

Next day anguri watering plants,Vibhu

walks to her and anguri gets scared and splashes water over him,vibhu asks how you doing,anguri says very well but I’m upset,because you denied,Vibhu says he asked me to work for free,I mean also anu was heroine if it was you I would have never said no,anguri asks is Anita bad,Vibhu says no but you have a charm,anguri says oh thank you but I’m in film too I’m playing leads friend.anu walks to them,and says Vibhu you wasting your time again,there’s so much of work in the house,Vibhu says you could do sometimes,anu says grooming classes.

Tiwari walks to them in jogging suit,anu says change wow that’s nice,Tiwari says yes after all I will be casted against you and before saxena will be here with script I will be fit,anu says you need to be.and Vibhu go cmon.anguri says I have to go cook breakfast Tiwari has given me big list,aloo parathas with butter,Tiwari signs her to shut up,anguri says I have to cook halwa and lassi too bye now,anu says forget it,when can I hear the script,saxena runs to anu and says hello bhabhi Ma the script is ready,yes it just took me a day to write the script,Tiwari says ok then shall see you today evening at your place for script reading,bhabhiji let’s go jogging,saxena teases Tiwari as fatty and he slaps him.

Tiwari goes to saxenas place and says you said 6 months but you did it in a night,saxena says even I’m shocked,Tiwari says but I’m a little worried i hope you’ve written it seriously,saxena says I don’t discriminate my work and begins his narration,so our story begins with amavasya night,stormy night,dogs barking,Tiwari scared,saxena says in this weather arunima our lead is waiting for her love debojit and the door bell rings,she opens the door and finds no one,she checks around,but from behind she hears someone calling her Arunima I’m here,she turns around and shouts.

Saxena says Arunima saw debojits dead body all in blood,her face all white she is scared and debojit opens his eyes and looks at Arunima starts laughing,debojit walks towards Arunima slowly,Arunima scared and starts running,he follows her and his sharp tooth come out,scared Tiwari goes and sits on the chair and says it’s a rubbing script stop it,I wanted a love story.saxena says ok I shall sell this story to someone else then.

As Tiwari sits in on Chair it again becomes stormy and shadow appears on the wall,
Saxena is confused,Tiwari looks at saxena and speaks bengali,and says this isn’t done,this script is done,i like it I will direct my movie on this script,saxena says Tiwari Bhaiya,Tiwari says I’m not,I’m bangla famous horror film director mokashi,give me this script and listen don’t tell about all happened here to anyone,swear on your art that you won’t.
Saxena says done deal I won’t and says so it’s the chair.

Vibhu on call says prem you said that your friend is director ask him to give me a role,anu walks to him and says what is going on,you were given a lead role but you denied but now you begging,Vibhu says he won’t pay me,anu says you are doing this film and that’s final.vibhu says I’m not and that’s final.

Anu says you want me to dance with that Tiwari,kiss Tiwari,Vibhu says anu I’m in for the film.anguri watching romantic film says let tiwrai come I won’t leave him today,Tiwari walks in and says I’m in romantic mood today,I want to dance with you and plays song,and starts dancing,Tiwari joins her,mokshi gets into tiwaris body,anguri turns to kiss Tiwari.

Pre cap: anu says Vibhu will act in our film.tiwari as mokshi keeps slapping Vibhu for wrong dialogue pronunciation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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