Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with malkhan and happu singh at tea stall. Happu says my neck and legs are paining so much. Malkhan says yes and says even my body is paining as I ran so much. Happu says yes even my body is paining. Tika comes tired and sits beside malkhan. He says I feel dehydrated and very tired, this vibhu is torturing us. Suddenly tika falls unconscious on malkhans lap and stops breathing. Malkhan is crying and panics. Happu says wake him. Malkhan gives mouth to mouth resuscitation. Finally tika gets up and breathes. He then looks at malkhan angrily and says what is this malkhan? Malkhan says you weren’t breathing so I gave you mouth to mouth resuscitation. Tika says but why were you acting like emraan Hashmi? Happu gets shocked. Malkhan looks elsewhere and cleans his lips.

night Tiwari and anguri are sleeping in bedroom. Vibhu hops in the room from the balcony. He says anguri looks so innocent while sleeping, suddenly Tiwari snores. Vibhu says this useless devil doesn’t deserve to sleep beside anguri. Vibhu then removes his whistle and whistles. Tiwari and anguri get up suddenly. Tiwari says what are you doing in my bedroom vibhu? Vibhu says call me coach. Tiwari says yes coach! Vibhu says you cannot sleep now because you are a sportsperson and I have come here to give you and anguri special training so you go and run 10 rounds. Tiwari says what? Vibhus ays yes 10 rounds now otherwise 50 rounds in the morning. Tiwari says no wait , I will go. He goes. Anguri says vibhu thank you for training me and Tiwari so much. Vibhu tells anguri to get up and he gives her hockey stick. Then he teaches her to hit a ball. There tiwari knocks anita’s door who is practicing too in the hall. Tiwari tells anita that vibhu is disturbing them even at night and he came into their bedroom for special training. Anita says he is not disturbing but he is teaching them and how can he blame vibhu? Tiwari says I am sorry but can I practice with you. anita says okay and Tiwari and anita start practicing hockey. A romantic song goes and vibhu and anguri are practicing and vibhu is smiling and singing the song aa raat bhar. Anita and Tiwari are exercising.
Next day morning, everyone come on the street with their hockey sticks and anita says now stand straight everyone as coach is coming. Everyone stand straight. Vibhu comes and starts speaking in Haryanvi language. He says dialogues from the movie dangal and says we have to win and I used to think a boy is needed for gold but what didn’t strike is that gold is gold whether a boy wins it or girl. Anita says what is this? And there is no relation between anything and why are you saying anything? Vibhu then says come on we will do special training but tika what were you doing when I was telling everyone. Tika says he was scratching his head. Vibhu says so you have lice. Tika says no malkhan has. Vibhu says then now before the match you and malkhan will get bald and come for the match. Vibhu starts the special training and he makes tilu and saxena hop in bags and run. He makes anita and Tiwari do push ups and weight lifting and tika and malkhan wash vibhu’s front yard. Happu singh pulls a tire on which vibhu sits and there anguri brings coffee, juice, grapes for vibhu and he enjoys.
At home Tiwari has put legs in hot water bucket and anguri brings him food. Vibhu comes and says you will not eat that food. Tiwari says why are you behind my life? And let me eat please. Vibhu says you are not a human now and you are a sports player so I will make a diet for you. vibhu tells if he eats such food he will get heart problems so you have to follow this diet Tiwari. Angrui says I will do what you say vibhu as I want Tiwari safe. Vibhu says till then Tiwari go run 10 rounds and I will make the diet chart. Tiwari goes. Anguri tells thanks vibhu for looking after Tiwari. Vibhu says talk in that code language. Vibhu says are you ready? Anguri gives him flying kiss.

Precap: principal is talking to masterji and says when I was there the school was disciplined. Masterji says but there must have been someone at least who was mischievous. Tiwari listens and later asks principal that if he sees that person will he recognize him? Principal says yes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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