Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita coming out in morning and opening the door. She takes the paper and starts reading. Its given that now kanpur is not safe for women and women are being assaulted nowadays in market and public places and they are also being robbed. Anita saya what is this oh my god. Vibhu says what happened in this city now? Anita says that you have to responsible and not jobless and women are being troubled in the city. Anita says that you should do something. Vibhu says i am a common man and what should i do? Anita says a common man can do anything. Anita says you are jobless and dont do anything i will teach every woman karate and make her self independent and she goes in. Vibhu says why is she telling me and what did he do?
Anita is in balcony and disturbed. Anguri

comes to take clothes and she calls anita. She asks how are you? Anita says she is in tension and says nowadays women are not safe. Anguri says yes. Anita says yes she is going to put a campaign for women and will teach them karate for self defense and i am a black belt karate. Anguri says thats good. Anita tells she just needs someone and vibhu is not helping her. Tiwari says i am there. Anita says she needs someone strong. Tiwari says i am there. Anita says so you will do it? Tiwari says yes. Anguri says yes take him and he is strong. Anita says ok tiwari ji be ready and come home tomorrow morning. Anguri n anita go. Tiwari says he will be with anita and those moments will be so good.
Anguri is singing in kitchen and vibhu comes. Vibhu asks how are you? Anguri says fine and anguri asks how are you? Vibhu says i am fine too. Anguri says how is anitas karate classes. Vibhu says you should also come. Anguri says i dont want to come. Vibhu says you should come because men always pounce on beautiful woman and you are one so come and learn karate. Anguri says no i never go out n tiwari is there to protect her. Then anguris phone rings and mom calls. She takes the call. Vibhu thinks anguri is not interested to learn karate and i could have got entertained.
At home anita addresses everyone that she is starting the session. Tiwari comes. Anita tells everyone clap and here is our help and tiwari is a string man. Then anita tells now he will touch me and i will show you. Then tiwari acts and touches, anita then throws him on ground and hits n punches him bad. Then everyone clap. Then a girl tells sorry i was chatting with boyfriend and she does this same thing 3 times. anita says its ok i will show again and tiwari in turn gets bashed up 3 times.
At vegetable stall anguri is buying vegetables and vibhu comes dressed as a goon and starts teasing n troubling anguri. Anguri gets scared and says i will call police. Vibhu asks you will come again tomorrow? Anguri says yes. Then he will kidnap her tomorrow. Anguri goes away disturbed. At her house gate vibhu comes and asks what happened? Anguri tells a goon troubled her now. Vibhu says what and says see i told you you should learn karate and be self sufficient. Anguri says no i dont want to learn this stuff because i feel shy wearing that dress n anguri goes. Vibhu says i will make anguri come n learn karate at any cost.
At night anguru caresses tiwaris back. Tiwari is hurt badly. Anguri asks why are you doing this then? Tiwari tells he wants to help anita and he will still do it.
Next day tiwari goes. Anita tells today she will teach how to kick. Tiwari again teases n touches. Anita starts kicking n bashes him up. That girl again says i did not see please teach again n i was talking with boyfriend. Tiwari is shocked and looks at that girl.

Precap: vibhu teases n touches anguri as a goon and anguri says please kidnap me i want to stay with you. Vibhu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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