Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the train horn honking. Everyone get in, anguri and anita say wher are they both? They get in too. Suddenly vibhu and tiwari come running. They stop and drink water and finally get in the train. The train departs.
In the train, vibhu and tiwari stand near the door and close it. Anita and anguri come and say what is this drama of the both of you? Anita says you are missing the train and then come in the taxi to another station. Vibhu says we were a bit backed up. Anita says anyway I brought kadi and rice and anguri says I brought chole puri. Vibhu says I wont eat kadi rice and is it something that is to be brought in a train? Anita says don’t say that, tiwari says even I will not eat chole puri. Anguri says I will call mom, tiwari says okay I will eat, anita

says see tiwari is eating then you eat it too, vibhu says okay. The ticket collector comes and says show your tickets. Tika comes and says yes I have the tickets. He shows the tickets, tc says this tiwari and vibhuti mishra have their seats next to this lady gulfam kali. Anita says what? Why is that so? Vibhu and tiwari say we wont sit beside her. Ticket collector says you have to and no more arguments, tiwari and vibhu try convincing tc but he doesn’t listen and goes.
Outside the toilet in the train, masterji is waiting and says that come out fast and how much time? Don’t you have manners? Tiwari comes and says what happened? Masterji says some guy has gone in and is not yet coming out. Tiwari says wait he will. Pelu comes out smiles and goes. Tiwari enters. Masterji says what the hell and I was waiting here, don’t you have manners? Vibhu comes and says what happened and takes masterjis blessings, masterji says you have manners and says this tiwari doesn’t have manners and he went in as I was waiting in line. Tiwari comes out, while masterji scols tiwari, vibhu enters in. tiwari goes. Masterji says don’t you have manners vibhu?
There anita takes happu singh and says she needs his help as this ticket collector is not allowing vibhu and tiwari sit with us and he is rude too, convince him to let them sit with us and not with that gulfam kali. Happu says yes I am a police man and will do it. Collector comes and happu says man why aren’t you allowing this manmohan tiwari and vibhuti mishra to sit with their wives? Tc says its against our rules and I can not allow and get aside I have to go. happu says I am the police of Kanpur and do what I say. Tc says oh shut up my dad is the commissioner and uncle is politician and brother an army officer so don’t teach me. Tc goes. Anita looks at happu singh and says just go and sit.
There outside toilet vibhu and tiwari are standing and say I will go first. Doctor comes and says what happened? Don’t worry take these tablets I have and everything will be fine. They take tablets and ask so what will they do now? Doctor says it will create fireworks in your stomach and in 5 minutes your butt will start removing everything, doctor goes. Vibhu and tiwari are shocked. Vibhu says now lets adjust and compromise please. Both tiwari and vibhu enter the toilet together.
The train stops at a station at night. Everyone get down and its very cold. The newly wed couple get down and go for tea. Anita tells vibhu it so cold and everything is because of you. Vibhu says are you mad? And how is everything happening because of me and I already have so many problems. Anguri and tiwari laddo come. Vibhu says because of some person who has come in the train so many problems are happening, tiwari says who are you talking about? Vibhu says you, tiwari says shut up and they start fighting. Anita says shut up both of you.
There on stairs everyone is sitting and happu singh says why didn’t you arrange for food in the train tika and malkhan and you said you would. Tika says that was not the oofer and 2 nights stay and food in nainital and travelling from train both times was offer. Malkhan says yes and you are a miser and want everything free. Happu says what? And slaps malkhan 3 times. Vibhu and tiwari sit and say happu buy your own food and whats the problem in buying food for train travelling? And buy it yourself otherwise take it from someone’s extra tiffin. Masterji says no one here has manners. Vibhui says make a candle of those manners and shove it in your ears. Doctor comes and says it’s a very pleasant weather and you guys tika and malkhan have done good. Tika and malkhan say yes if this trip is successful then next time we will go to Bangkok, malkhan says no we will go to dubai and there are hot girls there. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other.

Precap: anita and anguri are dancing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I especially liked the character of the ticket collector. He looked like a cross between Charlie Chaplin and Hitler, he really made me laugh. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

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