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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu going at the tea stall and feeling insulted. There the perfume seller comes. He asks him what is he doing? Vibhu asks why does he care? The seller then says he has an awesome perfume which he is selling. He asks him what is that? Seller says it is a perfume which keeps women away. Vibhu says doesnt he have any perfume which brings woman near and close. The seller tells he just now sold it to a customer and he had only 1 piece. Vibhu says who was it? Seller says he had been wearing glasses. Vibhu says did that man have a moustache and did his hair smell from some oil? Seller says yes. Vibhu says that he will buy that perfume which keeps women away. Vibhu takes the perfume.
Tiwari comes out of his house and says that anitas nose must have opened and he

will go now. Vibhu dashes into him and in that haywire he changes the perfuem which brings women near to the perfume which keeps women away. Vibhu says sorry and goes. Tiwari then removes his perfume from his pocket and he puts it on and goes in anitas house. Just as tiwari goes vibhu comes and puts the actual perfume. He then goes in calling anguri out. Anguri comss and she gest intoxicated and then comes near vibhu and they both dance on the song kaho na pyaar hai. But suddenly anguri shouts and it seems vibhu was dreaming and he opens his eyes. Anguri is on the stairs with a broomstick and handkerchief tied to her mouth. Vibhu sees that it was gulfam kali who has hugged him. Anguri comes down and tells vibhu to get out and tells him to do all this characterless things at his home. Vibhu says he is not dojng anythibg and this gulfam kali is only sticking to him. Anguri hits vi hu with broomsyick on his butt and she puts him out of the house with gulfam kali. There anita throws tiwari out of the house telling him to go as he is smelling badly. Tiwari thinks what is happening? Anita suddenly sees that gulfam kali is sticking to vibhu and is speaking romantically with him. She tells vibhu in a shocking manner that what is happening and she tells vibhu that he will stay out of the house today and anita goes up. Vi hu runs into the house from gulfam kali and closes the door. Gulfam kali smells the perfume of tiwari and she says he is smelling badly and she goes away. Tiwari thinks something is wrong and he goes home when anguri smells it too. She tells tiwari to go as he is smelling badly and she throws tiwari out of the house and closes the door. Tiwari thinks why is evetything happening totally opposite?
At night vibhu is trying to convince anita that he was not sticking to gulfam kali and she was only sticking to him. Anita says he is a liar and he should go away right now. Vibhu then shows anita the perfume and tells that he had actually put it on himself to lure her but when he was coming gulfam kali attacked him and she jumped on him. Anita says is that true? Vibhu says yes. Anita tells that but she had seen him coming out of anguris house. Vibhu says because gulfam kali picked him up and took him inside anguris house. Anita then says ok and says but why did he have to lure her? Vibhu tells because from many days she was not paying attention on him. Anita takes the perfume and throws it out of the window. She then pulls vibhu on the bed and tells he doesnt need a perfume for all this and she switches off the light.
Tiwari who is in the frontyard gets hitten by the perfume. He then checks both perfumes and he sees that both are same and just one is which keeps women away and one which brings them near. He puts the perfume on. Suddenly gulfam kali comes and sticks to him. He thinks its anita and he opens his eyes and is shocked. He tells gulfam kali to stay away and not stick to him. Gulfam kali says she wants romance from him. Tiwari tells her to go and stick to vibhu. She tells vibhu doesnt have that thing which tiwari has and she sticks to tiwari. Anguri sees this and gets sad and says she wont talk to him as he is sticking to outside women and anguri goes. Tiwari gets up to go to her but hulfam kali pulls him down. Tiwari then silently puts on the perfume which keeps women away and gulfam kali smells it. She then gets up and says he is smelling badly and she goes. Tiwari then says now he understands what must have happened and he gets up and throws one on the right side and one on the left side.

Precap: anita,anguri,tiwari and vibhu are in the front yard of anitas house. Anita had put a christmas tree. Everyone is happy. Anguri asks what is this. Anita then tells anguri that during christmas we put a christmas tree. Anita then tells that if vibhu will become her santa-claus then she will give her vibhu a kiss. Vibhu blushes. Tiwari touches his cheeks.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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