Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says Vibhu I have found a job for u, stop playing games on mobile n look at me, n take me seriously, what u want to do, Vibhuti says some day I will, Anita says by sitting home u will be a ceo, Vibhuti says yes p, Anita says throw ur degrees, u are an insult to me,the whole society calls me wife of a jobless, Vibhuti says u are overreacting,Anita says stop it now, Vibhuti says I will get u a cup of coffee u will feel better.

Vibhuti goes to see anguri, anguri busy stitching,n singing, Vibhuti says bhabhiji u and ur Bhojpuri songs wow,anguri says oh, Tiwari walks to them n says anguri he is jobless are u too, stop wasting ur time, anguri says I’m not I was singing, Tiwari says he has no money to even buy lingerie n wastes time, Vibhuti says I can buy u too,Tiwari says

do u have an penny atleast n snatches his wallet n asks anguri to check money he has, anguri says he has 50 Rs, let it be don’t insult him now, go Vibhuti work n let me work too n leaves, Vibhuti says someday I will show u ur true place n leaves crying.

Prem n Vibhuti at tea stall, prem says I’m into new business n I want u to be my partner, Vibhuti says no thanku,prem says it’s a full legal business n no investment u just have to look after the field it’s waste management,my friend earns crores in it, Vibhuti says what just by buying old stuff n u want me to go n buy old waste, prem says yes n once u become rich,Malkha n tilka join them n says we saw such awesome movie u shd see iritis abt a third class jobless man like u,do watch, that man later changes his identity n goes into waste business, Vibhuti says prem business offer accepted.

Vibhuti says Anu baby I have a job now,Anita says grt which company,Vibhuti says it’s a decent German company,Anita says ok give me details,Vibhuti says I don’t have any,Anita says how will u go,Vibhuti says office van,n now u will get my salary n will prove u wrong,bye.

Vibhuti goes in a lane n changes his clothes n disguises himself, n goes to anguri says house, anguri watching Bhojpuri movie, n walks in n says kabadi Wala, anguri says Vibhuti,Vibhuti says I’m kabadi Wala n not Vibhuti my name is darling, anguri says oh u look so similar to Vibhuti,n I’m here for i love u, anguri says what, darling says it’s code word if u have waste u shd reply I love u too, anguri says ok ok,darling says so I love u, anguri says yes I love u too, darling says ok u have any waste then,like this picture, anguri says this is my husband, darling says he looks like ur uncle, anyways n what abt this laptop n tricks anguri into his talks n takes laptop from her,Tiwari walks n says Vibhuti what’s wrong with u,anguri says he is Vibhutis brother darling, darling ignores Tiwari n leaves.

Anita working,Tiwari walks to her n says bhabhiji hello, Anita says hi tell me,Tiwari says plz tell me one thing what if a beautiful girl is married to a cheap useless boy how will u feel, Anita says why but, Tiwari says why didn’t u look after Vibhutis family background before marrying him,Anita says meaning,Tiwari says didn’t u look for his family business, Anita says why are u here,Tiwari says Vibhutis brother darling is in town,Anita says Vibhu has no brother are u fine,Tiwari says actually a man looking similar to Vibhuti who is a kabadi came to ur place, u can ask anguri too, Anita says but Vibhuti never spoke abt it,Tiwari says how will he,after such disappointing background,Anita says what.

Anita in bedroom waiting for Vibhuti, Vibhuti walks inn says hi baby, Anita says from where have u come,Vibhuti says u know I got a job,Anita says I have no details abt ur company, anyways tell me abt ur siblings, Vibhuti says have u lost it, don’t u know,Anita says I forgot tell me,Vibhuti says I have 5 sisters n me so we total 6, Anita says are u sure u have no brother,Vibhuti says no,Anita says whose darling.

Pre cap : Tiwari asks anguri where’s my laptop, anguri says I sold it to darling, he said it was of no use now.

Vibhuti says to anguri, what my brother darling was here, he came to see u but not me,anguri says is there any problem between u two,Vibhuti says yes he is little awkward abt his job as kabadi, anguri says he atleast has a job unlike u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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