Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena says Tiwari bhaiya,till I get my bhabhi ma I will keep jumping n I like it,Tiwari walks into his house n closes the door,Vibhuti goes to hapu Singh n asks how did u fall n did Tiwari agree,hapu Singh says that Saxena jumped on me.

Vibhuti goes to Malkha n says I want I to throw coconut on tiwaris head,Malkha says ok,Vibhuti says good I will pay u for it. Anita on her cell, Tiwari sees her n says wow bhabhiji but she is upset with me,oh love n walks to her n says hi bhabhiji,Anita says did u get anguri,Tiwari says on my way,Anita says ok leave then,Vibhuti comes n says why are u here n according to ur hand u are a bad luck,Anita says Vibhu can u wow,see my hand too,Vibhuti says sure at night ,Anita says how romantic n what does tiwariji hand says,Vibhuti says he has no good n

for his good luck he needs his wife as I have my wife u my good luck charm,Anita says how sweet.

Vibhuti says Anu is my good luck n coconut hits his head instead of Tiwari,Anita n Vibhuti walk in,Saxena again jumps in front of Tiwari,n says my bhabhi ma get her plz or else till I die I will keep jumping,Tiwari says God these people.

Malkha on call at tea stall,Vibhuti walks to him n slaps him n says I told u to aim Tiwari,Malkha says sorry wrong aim,it sometimes happens u see,Vibhuti says u stupid man, give my money back,Malkha says which n run away.

Prem comes to Vibhuti n says hi jobless,Vibhuti says shut up,prem says when is anguri bhabhi gonna come,Vibhuti says Tiwari isn’t calling her,prem says I have an idea use it n Tiwari will bring bhabhiji for sure.

Vibhuti calls Tilu n says do u want freedom from tiwariji,Tilu says yes,Vibhuti says don’t u feel scared that he may molest u,Tilu says I always do help me plz,Vibhuti says hear to this plan n u will be free,listen to this idea n bhabhiji will be back,Tilu says ok but why are u doing this,Vibhuti says I care abt u,Tilu says then help me, plz give me 1000 Rs, Vibhuti says ok here u go,Tilu says thanku n leaves.

Gulfamkali goes to Vibhuti,Anita sees them together, Gulfamkali says why did u call me,Vibhuti says see first stay away n I called u bcoz u have to insult someone,see listen n tells her the plan,Gulfamkali says ok I will do it give me 500 Rs, Vibhuti says yeah take it.

Anita very angry n seeing Vibhuti says what were u doing with Gulfamkali ,Vibhuti says what are u talking Anu,Anita says tell me quick,Vibhuti says actually I was tells her the plan, Anita says but why are u doing this,Vibhuti says for Tilu,tiwariji keeps troubling him in night, Tilu came to me crying abt it,Anita says let em complain police ,Vibhuti says no need Anu,if tiwariji goes jail bhabhiji will be hurt so let’s call bhabhiji n all will be fine,Anita says u are so sweet now go get me coffee.

At night,Tiwari sleeping,Tilu sleeping beside him n waiting for Gulfamkali,Gulfamkali knocks door,Tilu opens it n welcomes her in, Tilu says I’m going in kitchen to sleep n don’t take tiwariji a advantage just do as said, Gulfamkali says don’t worry n sleeps beside Tiwari.

Next day,Amaji wakes up n sees Tiwari with Gulfamkali n kicks Tiwari n wakes him up,Tiwari sees Gulfamkali n says what are u doing in my bed,Gulfamkali says u called me last night, Tiwari says I didn’t Tilu , did I call her,Tilu says first tell me how I went to kitchen,Gulfamkali says he kept u kitchen n I shd go now n leaves,Vibhuti walks in n says aunty what was Gulfamkali doing in ur house.

Tilu says tiwariji was sleeping with Gulfamkali ,Vibhuti says I knew this was gonna happen,aunty I told u this will happen n now see,Amma says I shd have listened to u I didn’t knew this buffalo,Vibhuti says aunty don’t worry it happens but u need to take action now God knows tomorrow u may see Malkha or Tika or even Saxena beside tiwariji,Saxena jumps on front of them n says get my bhabhi ma .

In auto bhabhiji comes back.

Pre cap: bhabhiji knocks the door,Tiwari opens the door,n says my darling is here n hugs her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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