Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,doctor asks vibhuti did he gave injection to u and he says yes and then doctor says nothing will happen don’t worry it happened by mistake as u two are sitting close to each other and he makes another injection ready and comes in panditji and asks anguri tat did they say the Sanskrit shlok and she agrees and then pandit ji tells her tat now the next step is to tie this thread to ur husband and u will be confirmed booked for life time and then vibhuti in his mind says tat somehow he has to stop anguri from tieing this thread to manmohan
Vibhuti and tiwari are sitting at a tea stall and having tea and comes the police inspector and then warns both vibhuti and tiwari tat there is talk about their closeness in the town and its illegal and asks them to give 5000

and he will let them go but vibhuti gets angry and slaps inspector while inspector says tat he is just joking and vibhuti slaps him again and he says to vibhuti that stop joking and vibhuti again slaps him and inspector says tat now u r doing too much and vibhuti then again slaps him and manmohan says to vibhuti wat r u doing and then inspector says tat u r under areest and then vibhuti gets up and says tat tiwari now u also have to come with me and when he gets up there hand gets separated and then manmohan says to police inspector tat now u can take vibhuti and then vibhuti gets upset and goes and sit on the scooter and police takes him away
Next day anita gets ready and she looks smoking hot and vibhuti says tat ur looking beautiful and then anita says to him I have changed so much from the first time we met and u r still the same which jeans is this and he says this is the jeans he used to wear in college and anita says tats wat she is talking about and asks him tell me when we met first wat was I wearing he says Micro mini skirt of pink color then u changed to salwar kameez then jeans n top then one piecethen two piece I.e sari n blouse tats wat I msaying I have changed so much but u r still the same u remember when u once came as a n electrician at ma place u were looking at me changing bulb and u also got a shock and vibhuti says tat yes he remember as after the shock ur father took me out and hit me with a wood log and she then asks him to change himself like a hero and he asks her u tell wat should I be like and anita says like a buttler and vibhuti gets upset and says yes
Anguri is coming down and she hurst her leg and she calls manmohan but comes laddu and she then asks laddu to go and call manmohan and she sits on sofa and calls amaji she was taking steam and picks up her cal and anguri tells tat she is not fine as she got her leg hurt and amaji asks where is manmohan and she says tat he has gone to shop and I have sent laddu to bring him and amaji says tat I will come at ur place as u need to be taken care of but anguri asks her not to as she will handle it and amaji sasy tat we r like a love bird when u get hurt I feel the pain and comes ladu with tiwari and he asks angur how did she get hurt and she tells tat she was getting down from the stairs and she got hurt and manmohan shouts at her that where is her mind she should be careful and then anguri tells tat talk to amaji she is on phone and manmohan says to her in slow voice u cant tell this to me earlier and then he talks to amaji and she asks him to let anguri rest and she will not do any work and till then u have to do and manmohan says tat he will hire a servant and amaji says tat she knows tat u r always looking after the neighbors and manmohan asks who told u all this and laduu laughs and he understands and amaji asks him to take anguris good care and hungs up an manmohan then shouts ladu to go and study or will he become an reporter and ladu says if he becomes a reporter he will first reveal ur stories and he runs in.
Vibhut takes a getup of a servant and enters house and anita is happy to see his new avtar and then they talk dramatically she asks him so u r a servant and wat can u do and he says tat he can do anything he can make ur mood and anita say tat wat cheap dialoges u r sasying vibhu and vibhuti says tat I m a servant not and ordinary manm who will praise u in proper words and then anita says ok and asks him to massage her legs he sits on sofa but anita says u r a servant so sit down and he sits down and gives her a massage and says tat u r so fair like a swollen boiled egg anita says again a cheap comment wat is wrong with u and vibhuti says I m done I will not do this as a servant talks like this only he is not going to say u baby u look beautiful and anita says ok it’s a nice comment please continue and he then says tat u look like swollen boiled egg and also u look very hot and anita then sleeps
Manmohan comes to see anita and when he sees a man massaging her legs he enters the house shouts at the man and kicks him and anita then tells him to stop as he is not taking any advantage but massaging me as I have hired him as a servant and tiwari asks y did u and when did u hired him and she sasy today morning I hired him and he asks y r u talking with so respect with the servant and the servant i.e vibhuti says tat she is educated and knows how to talk and not like u stupid and then manmohan says to anita see how is he talking and then anita says he will reply the way u r talking to him and then manmohan says tat he was a bit upset so he talked this way.

Manmohan tells tat anguri fell so she is taking rest and I was out to search for a servant and u have a servant here already and anita then asks him to go and take care of naguri and manmohan says tats wat for I m out to search servant.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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