Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

All sing while conversing to each other.

Anita hears door bell n sings who it is,Vibhuti says baby I’m working plz check,Anita says oh I have to do all house hold work,chuttan n bitten walk in,Anita says u here,he says for the boys sikka engagement,Anita’s ays but he isn’t here,Vibhuti walks n says what happened baby,bitten says here is my prince,Vibhuti says who is this lady,chuttan says ur would be wife,Anita says enough he is my husband,Vibhutis ays are u two mad,chuttan says see basically I’m just out from jail for hitting a boy to death bcoz he said no to my sister,bitten says if this boys say no too I will kill myself,chuttan says calm down he won’t.

Vibhuti says see chuttan I’m married n happy,chuttan says u Sang a song with her,Anita

says Vibhu,chuttan says he played with my sisters feelings n so he has to marry my sister,Anita says but he is my husband, chuttan says give him divorce we don’t care we shall come later bye n leaves, anguri see bouquet in front of her door n calls Tiwari n says someone left this n there’s a letter too,Tiwari reads it to my darling anguri, Tiwari asks who is this nonsense,anguri I don’t know,Tiwari reads ahead from the time I heard u sing I’m fallen in love with u,u are the prettiest lady in this world,anguri says wow he loves my voice,Tiwari reads ahead n why did u marry this beast,he is a crow,shitty one,divorce him bcoz he doesn’t deserve u,ur lover banushankar, anguri says thanku,Tiwari says he insulted me,anguri says I thanked him for praising my voice,Tiwari throw is bouquet n walks in.

Vibhuti says Anita look at what ur misunderstanding did,Anita says stop blaming me,u equally the culprit who Asked u to talk musically,Vibhuti says look I can’t fight now,Anita says sing n fight then,Vibhuti says ok n sings Anu u don’t care abt me,u take me as a maid,n don’t value me,Anita sings back ur jobless ness is a pain to me but u never understand it, u cheap,Vibhuti says u insulting me,aniat says use ur common sense,i was just being lyrical,Vibhuti says ok I will do it too n insults Anita calling rotten egg, Anita gives him cold look n says enough I’m calling commissioner,I will speak to him.

Tika says Malkhan no new girl in twon missing our flirtings,he says right lets try musical flirting n sees a girl n sings for her,she blushes n then later slaps them n sings back n insults them,n hits them n leaves. Happu Singh walks in Anita’s house,n sings why cry,it’s ur fate Vibhuti n u will have to divorce Anita bhabhi,Vibhuti says how much bribe u took,Anita walks to them n tells abt the situation,happu Singh says he is a big goon,Anita says u have to do something,happu Singh says he won’t listen do whatever,aniat says what are u saying,Vibhuti says look he instead of arresting chuttan asking for divorce,happu Singh says bcoz he is very well connected with highly ministers,n now commissioner is involved in this case too n he has requested me to ask u to get a divorce n so what’s plan after divorce,Anita says how dare u,happu says commissioners words are these,Vibhuti says walk away,happu says but be ready for divorce.

Tiwari eating sweet,anguri says my fan gave this,Tiwari asks what,that shameless man gave it,anguri says he gave me by his own hand no ays rabdi will make my voice more nice.vibhuti at tea stall says this is bcoz of Anita,Tiwari walks to him n says why u worried,Vibhuti says this musical chat I tell u,I told address to one girl n she is chuttan the Dons sister n she wants to marry me,tiwari says I’m tensed too banushankar named man is behind anguri.

Pre cap: chuttan n bitten give Anita divorce papers to sign. Saxena tells everyone that balushankar is a married n a cheap man his own wife is tired of him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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