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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, tiwari dressed as Chinese sells Chinese food in front of his house, anguri says only two plates rice remaining, tiwari says u made delicious Chinese I love u my dragon, anguri says ok ok I don’t like Chinese I will cook Indian for me n leaves, tiwari says I will give remaining two plates to bhabhiji now, tika n malkha order tiwari two plates of Chinese and call him bhadur, tiwari says talk with respect, malkha asks whats wrong with ur lingerie business that u started Chinese stall, tiwari says u two leave I have no food for u or else I will, tika n malka run away, anita comes out n says wow tiwariji Chinese food business did u end up lingerie business, tiwari says no I didn’t actually I was missing my land china so this business, anita says wow ur Chinese

too, anguri comes out, anita says congratulations on ur new I mean old Chinese business, anguri says old what does that mean, tiwari interrupts n says here is for u Chinese food bhabhiji, vibhuti comes n says anu u cant have this it’s a roadside u know, tiwari says anguri prepared this, anita says vibhu is he is saying he made it home lets have it, anguri says vibhutiji I made it, vibhuti says ok now u can have it, anita says how much tiwariji, tiwari says its 300 per plat but for u just 200, vibhuti says what I bought it for 50/plate, I mean we get it 50/plate, tiwari says its costly bcoz its healthy, anita says cmon pay him 400, vibhu gives money to anguri.
Anita takes dishes n goes home, vibhuti gives some coins to tiwari n says this is ur tip. Anita tells her friend on call that she is Chinese , tiwari in his balcony comes n starts practicing kung fu, anita looks at it n says her friend she will call later, vibhuti joins anita, anita says vibhu look at tiwariji, vibhuti says whats wrong with him why is he behaving like a cat, tiwari says to himself I guess bhabhiji is getting into my trap n to make it more realistic I will break these fake tiles n bhabhiji will be impressed n breaks the tiles, anita n vibhuti are shocked to see this, anita says vibhu tiwariji is too good, vibhuti says ya its unbelievable I doubt it, anita says shutup look he is so talented.
Tiwari kisses anguris hand n says ur hands are magical, u cook delicious Indian n Chinese too are u related to china,anguri says to herself oh god how will I tell him I didn’t cook Chinese, tiwari says anguri go cook Chinese people are waiting out, anguri says I will not cook Chinese I cant, tiwari says what people are mad behind ur food, anguri says I will cook Indian plzzz, tiwari says anguri this is for our business so go cook for me plz go cook.
Anguri thinking how will she cook Chinese, vibhuti comes n says here I am bhabhiji to help u, anguri says u always keep helping me but how long I cant trouble u anymore, vibhuti says cmon bhabhij try me I will help u till my last breath n will get Chinese for u, anguri says u are very nice person, vibhuti says thanku I will get Chinese for u.
Anguri gives tiwari Chinese food,tiwari says to himself bhabhiji loves Chinese come to me bhabhiji, happu singh comes, tiwari says god why is he here, happu singh says tiwari is this road urs,tiwari says how are u happu singh, happu singh says where is permit for this stall,show me the license, tiwari asks what license and that to for small stall, happu singh says it’s a crime to sell food without license, tiwari bribes happu singh to keep shut, happu singh takes money n orders to pack free food for his family, vibhu joins them n says wow free food for happu singhji, happu singh says he loves me so, vibhuti says cmon this tiwari n love, I saw everything its wrong u know n leaves,happu singh says keep vibhuti busy somewhere or else.
Anita comes to tiwaris stall, and says tiwariji tell me the suspense abt ur Chinese relation, tiwari says bhabhiji it’s a secret, anita asks but why not share it, tiwari says actually see this picture its my great grand father he was Chinese n migrated to india during a war and met my great grand mother in a village n then u know after 9 months my grand father came into this world, anita says wow ur great grand father is Chinese too, anita says I am so happy I am Chinese too, tiwari says wow it’s a new relation between us, lets party, here are noodles for u, anita says thanku so much

Precap: vibhuti n call says tiwari is into Chinese business without license n has bribed happu singh.
Anita tells her mom that tiwari is Chinese too and her mom replies n anita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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