Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika coming in kitchen now and anguri and tika go back in the hall. Tika says bye bhaiya and teases vibhu. Vibhu says now I will make these people eat the food, vibhu adds spice in it a lot and says now they will eat.

There at anitas house saxena is sitting in lawyers dress and tika malkhan and tilu are sitting. Anita says saxena will u say something? Saxena says nothing can happen as the builder is a big man and these people are small. Tika and malkhan says we shouldn’t have hired him and he cant do anything. Saxena says dear tika when you will have to do the round of the court then u will know so me as a lawyer am helping u so just take it. Saxena says he has an idea and if they all go on a strike then it can wrk as in front of the strike even government

has to bow down. Tiwari comes and says even I am with you and I will help you guys in fighting this guy. Anita says you Tiwari? Tiwari says yes and I relaised my mistake just because of u and we will fight together. Anita says so its done and Tiwari will lead you and you behind him. Tiwari says yes and we will win, everyone cheer.

At night vibhu puts a stair under tiwaris room balcony and climbs in and says I want to see anguri now without those 3 monkeys. Vibhu climbs in and sees anguri and says that she looks so beautiful while sleeping like a beautiful deer but this pig is sleeping here. Vibhu hears noise of tika from the bathroom and hides behind the curtains. Tika comes out and sees someone behind thinking it to be thief. He wakes up Tiwari and shows him the shadow. Tika goes down and brings tilua and malkhan with sticks. Tiwari wakes anguri too. Tika malkhana and tilu bash up vibhu. Then vibhu comes out. Everyone is shocked. Anguri says its you vibhu? Vibhu says yes and says actually there was a ladder put under you balcony and I thought it must be a thief so I came here but heard noises from bathroom so hid behind the curtain. But these guys bashed me. They all say sorry, vibhu says what sorry and I am hurt. He then goes from the main door. Everyone go back to sleep.

Next day Tiwari is leading the protest and the road I jammed and everyone is shouting. As Tiwari leads happu singh comes and confronts Tiwari. Saxena goes and tells Tiwari don’t be scared and as you are the leader go and tell happu straight away what we are doing. Tiwari says to happu we are leading a protest against the builder who took their houses. Happu says why and close this now. Tiwari says I know he has bribed you, happu says what did u say and with his constables he bashes up Tiwari. A few minutes later anita comes and stops happu and says just leave him and what they are doing is right and truth will win and you have taken bribe and leave Tiwari as they all are right. Happu says okay and leaves Tiwari, he says I am leaving you f as anita said. Happu goes. Tiwari is all ripped. Anita says its okay and all such things will happen and go and get yourself band aids and you will lead tomorrow too. Anita goes. Tiwari is injured and goes tripping and hits tika as they are playing cards.

At tea stall tiwari and vibhu are there and Tiwari says damn It pains. Vibhu says who told u to lead this thing. Tiwari says I am doing this so that those 3 useless guys go away from my house. Vibhu says why don’t u just remove them. Tiwari says he cant as anguri supports them and cant hear a word against them. Vibhu says anguri was born at the right time and she shouldn’t help then, Tiwari says absolutely right. Prem and gulfam kali come there. Prem says what happened? Vibhu and Tiwari tell about the builder. Prem says that guy is my friend. Tiwari says then tell him to give their houses back. Gulfam says even I know him and he is a very characterless man. Tiwari says do something, gulfam says I can make a mms, Tiwari says yes make it I will give you as much money you want. Gulfam says no just give me what I want, she then says she needs romance with them. Prem says you have to lose something to gain something.

There tika and malkhan say here life is so good and eating food at afternoon and night and having breakfast and may god help and we never get our houses back. Tika says yes and we enjoy here. Anguri comes. Tika says I see my mobile and this is my future wife. Anguri says where? Tika says oh the netpack is over. Anguri says vibhu said that day about some recharge. Vibhu says about the flex Vodafone recharge. They promote Vodafone.

Precap: Tiwari opens door at night, there anita comes walking in sleep and goes and sleeps in tiwaris couch. Tiwari says what is happening?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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