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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying she cant see ram in tiwari but anyways let it be lets go n have tea at my home. They both go at anita’s home. The house is all messed up n vibhuti is sleeping. Anita is shocked to see the house messed up. She tells vibhuti to wake up n asks him to clean all the mess. He says hi to angoori. Anita says hi later first clean the mess. Vibhuti says he’ll clean it later n u just chill. He says i am feeling lazy n sleepy so i ll do the work later n says i ll male tea n goes. Anita says i am extremely sorry for this. Angoori says its ok n says that i want to say something that i cant see ram in vibhuti but can see kumbhkaran in him. Anita says yes u are right i got kumbhakaran n u got raavan as husbands. Both tiwari n vibhuti overhear it n say they

will try to become ram for them. Tiwari says to himself that its tough to walk on lord ram’s footstep but he’ll try, what is there to try in it. Angoori calls tiwari for lunch n he comes. He talks in lord ram’s style like how gods used to talk. She starts laughing n he says i m not joking that u are laughing. He says there are many people who dont get food to eat so that is why from today i will eat only once a day n will give my one times food to beggars. He takes the plate n goes. Angoori says what has happened to him n says i ll call ammaji n tell her. She calls ammaji n tells her tiwari’s change of behaviour. Ammaji says its hard to believe that he has changed but its good that he has changed n if he troubles you tell me i ll come n teach him a lesson. Tiwari is standing outside n waiting for some beggars to come so that he can give them food. He saya usually there are always beggars going from here to there but today not even one beggar can be seen. Anita comes out talking on the phone n tiwari says its good chance to put a good impression on anita. Tika n malkha are going from there. Tiwari stops them n says he doesnt differ rich n poor people all are equal for him so take this food eat it. They say we dont want food we have eaten food n if u want give these beggars anything so give us money. Tiwari says no i wont give money u will drink alcohol of that money. They get irritated n go from there. Pellu comes n tiwari stops him n asks him to have food. He says in what happiness(kiss khushi mein)? Tiwari says because he is giving food to beggars. He says if u want to do a favour then get me a auto-rickshaw. He goes from there smiling. Anita gets impressed n cones n says that wow u are doing a great job. Tiwari addresses her as devi n says thank you. She says why devi? He says i dont talk to other women so call them devi. She says ok n says wait i ll give u a orphange’s address. She goes out to tell him n slips n falls down. She tells tiwaru to help her get up but he says that i dont touch any other women so i am sorry. Tiwari sits down n says after so much efforts he cant help anita as he has to behave like ram n goes from there. Anita says he is so weird n tries to get up. Vibhuti goes to flower woman’s shop n says devi to her n says i dont even look at other woman. She says from where do i look like a devi to u n says mad n goes. Tika n malkha come there n vibhuti asks them whether they tease woman. They without that their food doesnt digest. Vibhuti says that they have to eve tease this flower woman n they will get money for that. They say this woman she is very smart n they wont eve tease her. They say they want 2000. He says 1000. Malkha says 1500. He says ok n says now i ll give u 100 100 as advance. He says come at 9 o’clock. Angoori is watering plants. Vibhuti comes out. Angoori calls him n says how is he. He says i am fine devi n goes. She says what has happened to vibhuti even he is behaving like tiwari n says i think they both are doing a competition. The flower seller woman comes to angoori n they have a chat n that woman says take my flowers. He hides n sees them n says where is this malkha always comes late. A man gets down from his bike with helmet on top n goes to that flower seller lady n keeps his hand on her shoulder. Vibhuti shouts n angoori looks at him. The episode ends.

Precap:- Tiwari says to angoori that this behaviour doesnt suit her. Tiwari n vibhuti behave lile ram n angoori n anita try to lure their husbands on the song aao na gale lagao na.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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