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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita reading magazine. She reads that if your husband stays with good and rich people who are successful then his character will become good and he will learn to earn. Anita thinks she can tell vibhu to do this. Tiwari comes. Anita welcomes him. Tiwari says how are you anita? Anita asks for what did you come? Tiwari says he came just to meet her as he thought of asking whats up with her. Anita asks tiwari with which successful people do u stay? Tiwari says he is a businessman so he knows many successful rich people who are his friends. Anita says even vibhu stays with successful people and his friends have a good standard. Tiwari laughs from inside. Then anita goes out and tiwari too in the frontyard. Anita calls vibhu. He is coming with tika and are laughing and

cracking jokes. Tiwari tells anita see how successful people are with vibhu. Anita calls vibbu and they go home. Tiwari goes home.
Anita tells vibhu that from now on you will stay with only successful people and dont stay with such hooligans. Vibhu tells prem is a rich person and i stay with him. Anita tells even a robber can make crores of rupees but his character is bad and please do something in your life. Vibhu says ok i will stay with successful people from now on.
Next day vibhu goes to tea stall. Saxena is speaking with a rich friend on phone and says ok he will come to the party. Vibhu says is it a rich party? Saxena says yes. Vibhu says there must be many rich and renowed people right? Saxena says yes. Vibhu tells make him also their friend. Saxena says you are a low class guy and my friends wont even look at you. Vibhu slaps saxena and saxena says i like it and goes. Vibhu is going when he sees a rich man in a suit and a car. He recognizes that man as baghu builder owner who is kanpur’s biggest builder. He goes and asks him that he knows him and baghu says oh and who are you? Vibhu says i am vibhuti mishra and tells we can be friends. Baghu says yes and shakes hand and says i accept your friendship. They both sit in baghus car and go to his office.
At home tiwari is speaking ti sharma ji who says i will give you the payment today of 5 lakh rupees. Tilu listens from behind. Tiwari says no dont give it to tilu and i will take it becausw tilu is a thief and i will have to give him his salary. Tiwari says ok and then tilu comes in front and tiwari says bye mom take angurus care. Tilu says i know it was sharma ji and i want my salary. Tiwari asks how much is it? Tilu says its 10k rs. Tiwari says you stayed here for so many days that amount to 20000 and you ate food worth 10000. Tilu says so u wont give me my money? Tuwari says no. Tilu removes a gun out. Tiwari gets scared and says ok i will give and let me bring money. Tilu says that i scared tiwari with this lighter like gun and only then he will give me my money. Tiwari comes out and points a gun on tikus head and takes tilus gun. He tells get up and you want salary and should i kill you? Tilu says no it was just a lighter. Tiwari says even mine is a lighter and i have kept it for people like you. Then tiwari fires tilus gun in the air and a real bullet comes out. Tilu says i asked my friend for a lighter he gave me real gun. Tiwari slaps tilu.
At home vibhu is drunk at night and he comes. He tells anita that baghu has become my friend. Anita says how and that man is a very rich and successful person. Vibhu says yes and syas he is coming for dinner tomorrow and you see. Vibhu goes in bathroom and anita is happy and says my vibhu is improving.
At tiwaris home anita goes and tells him that vibhus friend baghu is coming tomorrow at dinner and you also come. Tiwari yes i will come but how did this rich builder become vibhus friend? Anita says my vibhu is capable of making such friends and come tomorrow at 8. Tiwari says ok.

Precap: vibhu introduces baghu to tiwari and anita. Baghu asks anita that you are beautiful and when do you become free? Tiwari is shocked and anita feels uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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