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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita anguri ready to listen to the radio. Saxena starts and puts a song. Anguri is dancing there and anita is enjoying the song. Vibhu comes and  tells anita he has put her favorite perfume and lets romance. Anita says so what and i am not in a mood. Vibhu says i will throw this radio. Anita says get lost and i will remove you out of the house. Vibhu says for that RJ maddy you will remove me? Anita says yes. Vibhu says he will go himself and vibhu goes out from the house. At anguris room she is dancing and tiwari comes. He switches off the radio and says this is annoying me. Anguri says what did she do and let her listen and dance. Tiwari says its time for romance and not dance. Saxena on radio says now he will give answer to peoples questions. Tiwari and anguri listen

quietly and attentively. Tilu calls and says he tried the suggestion today and got little money but what should he do if he wants all his salary at once. Saxena says do 1 thing and take a knife this time. Tiwari scream in fear and tilu there smiles cunningly. Vibhu is walking by the streets and he listens voice of RJ from saxenas house and he peeps into the house. Vibhu says okay so saxena is the RJ. Vibhu smiles.
Next day at home tiwari is scared and he tells anguri that whatever tiku says so that he comes home dont take him. Anguri says okay and then tells that why dont you give him his salary. Tiwari says shut up and do what i say. Anguri says okay. The door is knocked and tiwari hides behind the couch. Tilu is there and anguri tells tiwari has gone out since morning. Tilu tells he is sad since yesterday and want to says sorry to tiwari for behinving with him like that rudely. Anguri says okay and come in he is hiding behind. Tilu goes behind tiwari. Tiwari asks anguri did he go? Tilu says i am here and i want forgiveness. He tells anguri to bring water. Anguri goes in. Tilu takes a lnife and puts it on tiwaris stomach, tiwari is scared and says take the money in my pocket. Its only 1000rs. Tilu says i will take the rest next time and come early at the shop otheriwse i anyway have the knife. Tilu goes. Anguri comes and tiwari shouts.
Saxena is standing outside his house and tells someone on phone that he wants a new sound system as the old one is spoilt and he needs good quality sound for his fans. He keeps the phone. Vibhu comes eating a pan. Saxena says what is he upto? Vibhu says he has been a RJ for 2 years at radio fm by the name of RJ rocky. Saxena says thats good. Vibhu says the pan he is eating is good and you take it too. Saxena eats it. Saxena goes. Vibhu spits it out and says now my idea will work and saxenas throat will be spoilt.
At tea stall tika happu singh tiwari and saxena are there. Tika tells saxena that he spoke with RJ maddy and a girl came and spoke to him and he owes a lot to RJ maddy and nothing should happen to him. Tika cries as in happiness tears. Tiwari says but that man is not good and he had destroyed a lot of lives. Happu says okay and then write an fir against him and he is there. Tiwari says yes write it. Tiwari tells happu to write as he says. Happu writes it and then tears and throws it on tiwaris face and tells him if you ever come in my police station and complain against RJ maddy then he will put tiwari in the lockup. Saxena is overwhelmed to see this love.
At night everyone is ready to listen to saxena as RJ maddy. But saxenas throat has been spoilt and he cant say anything on radio. Anguri is sad at home as RJ maddy is still not live as the its past time. tiwari comes laughing and says good he is not there and someone who is fed up of him must have done this to him and tiwari laughs. Anguri is angry and sad.
As happu singh tika tilu pelu everyone is eagerly waiting for RJ maddy. There saxena calls vibhu and pleads him to continue his show only for today as his throat is bad and vibhu has been RJ for 2 years. TVibhu goes at saxenas house and says okay he will do this. Vibhu takes the mic and starts.

Precap: tiwari is angry as RJ rocky has come and tiwari says what is this and another guy has come to eat his brains.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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