Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu Singh in police station,tikka Tilu malkhan in jail,Tilu says I’m bored playing cards ,tikka says what shall we do to entertain you,make this inspector dance,happu says shameless man you will ask me to dance,who am I a performer bar dancer here,malkhan says that reminds me let’s call Gulfamkali,happu gets in and about to hit them,commissioner asks what’s wrong,happu says they want Gulfamkalis performance,commissioner says don’t mess with them they are smart boys if they decide they will make it happen,and so do one thing take them to their landlord and make and agreement and get them their rented house back,Tilu says thank you sir and we are sorry for our behaviour,tikka says yes we respect you a lot,malkhan says yes situation made us do this we are sorry,commissioner

says you made me emotional and happu take them from the door behind.

Tiwari in raincoat and with a bag comes out and calls out Vibhuti,Vibhuti dressed as same comes out too,Tiwari says when will this happu Singh come he is never in time,Vibhu says why do such cheap and unhealthy people appointed I never understand ,Tiwari says I’m so worried for the ladies,Vibhu says same here and look happu still hasn’t arrived,Tiwari gives him a call but happu doesn’t receive,towrai says you cheap pickup the call you dog,happu walks to him,happu says I’m on my way patience,Vibhu says our wives are in danger,happu says even I’m worried for Anita bhabhi and Anguri bhabhi,Tiwari asks what about the car,happu says you need to walk to it,move, it’s near Gulfamkalis bar,Vibhu says look he was in bar,happu says no no she had an headache,Vibhu says you care about us and not our wives,Tiwari says and why did you park the car there,happu says the road is rough here,Vibhu says I wish you would have fallen in one of the pits.happu says what did you say,Tiwari and Vibhu pull him and say let’s just go now.

Meenal Anita Anguri and Anurag are handtied,Meenal calls out unconscious Anita and wakes her up,Anita says you here oh no,Anguriji wake up,Anguri asks where are we,Anita says looks like godown,Meenal says it’s dangerous there’s a ghost here beheaded,Anita says there’s no ghost,Anguri says there is,I saw one and fainted and see now I’m here.

Happu sleeps while driving,Tiwari sees and says look he is asleep,Vibhu wakes him up,Tiwari says concentrate on the road,happu says sorry,I have never drove so long,Vibhu says ladies are in danger and you are sleeping,happu says as im a human,Tiwari says no you are evil,happu says shut up or else I will throw you out and now I can’t drive I need an hours nap,Tiwari says stop the car vibhutiji you drive ,Vibhu says look I can drive but never drove mountains,Tiwari says for bhabhiji and Anguri do it.

Receptionist reading the book,a man enters and says Ramlal I have papers and now by morning I need the hotel,Ramlal says let the sunrise, man says give me room let’s and goes into one,happu Vibhu and Tiwari enter,Vibhu enquires,Ramlal says there’s no one by this name,Tiwari says at,eats see the register,Ramlal says my memory is the register,Vibhu says but they said they are staying here,Ramlal says I don’t know why did they say,call them and ask,Tiwari says we can’t reach them,Ramlal says what’s my fault,happu says till we can reach them let’s rest here,spend the night here,my whole body is aching.

Vibhu says he is right,Tiwari says we have no other option,Ramlal says only one room is vacant,Vibhu says how three will adjust and I can’t handle this man and points at happu,Tiwari says same here,happu says where will I go then,the man comes out and says happu Singh right you can join me I need your Help for legal papers.

Happu with man,happu says I can’t drink I’m working but I’m so happy to share room with you,and how did you recognise me,he says I saw your photo on newspaper,happu says media you see they are always behind when I solve cases,he says no no it was when you were caught red handed in Gulfamkalis bar and commissioner suspended you for a month,happu says happens.

He says yes it should happen,I’m a sybaritic too,and I like one who do it,you should at times,happu says any arrangements in guest house,he says sure but help me attain attorney of this hotel but Ramlal is a pain,happu says you take care of me and I will yours,he asks so how much,happu says it’s a delay in property so 10 at least. He sees the beheaded ghost,happu looks at it too and both scream.

Vibhu and Tiwari drinking,Vibhu says I’m missing bhabhiji,Tiwari looks at him,Vibhu says your bhabhiji,Tiwari says same here,but where did these two go,Vibhu says exactly I wish I had agreed and this all wouldn’t happen,Tiwari says if Panditji hadn’t warned me even I would have enjoyed rains with Anguri to that extent that I would die.

A scary song plays in background and Vibhu Tiwari see Anguri and Anita walk tin white sarees,Vibhu calls out Anita but she leaves,Anguri and Anita keep going around the corridor,they stand in front of Vibhu and Tiwari, Vibhu says what are you doing this Anu,I was worried for you and you are here singing evergreen songs,Anita asks who anu and Anguri,Tiwari says my wife Anu,Vibhu says she is my wife Anu,tiwraisays i meant Anguri,Anguri says it’s not us,Anita says we are souls we are dead go away or else you will be killed,Anguri shouts go away and both disappear,Vibhu and Tiwari get scared.

Happu and man rushes to Ramlal and say we saw gust we don’t want hotel and run away,Vibhu slaps him and says we saw our wives souls,why did you kill the,Tiwari slaps him too,now we will kill you,will throw you down the mountain,Ramlal says you are misunderstood,Vibhu says tiwraiji he killed our wives let’s kill him,Anita and Anguri walk out and say stop it he will die,Tiwari says he killed you two,Anita says we are alive ,Anguri says yes we are,Vibhu asks what all this act is.

Ramlal says these bhabhijis were helping me to get rid of that builder.anita says yes he was eyeing on his hotel and so we helped him by scaring builder as ghost,Ramlal is very hard working honest man and he had genuine problem so we helped him,Vibhu says I was broken without you,anu I will listen to everything you say,Tiwari says yes even I shall enjoy with you in rains,Tiwari gets a call from Panditji and he looks at Vibhu,Vibhu looks at him and hugs him and says I’m sorry,Vibhu says baby come let’s dance in rains and get transparent,Anguri says laddu me bhaiya come let us transport as well..

Pre cap : two men eve tease a girl,Anita stop them,Vibhu walks to them and says please forgive her she is my wife.
Anguri says to Tiwari why watering plant is bad,Tiwari says yes it’s very bad, Anita sees Tiwari misbehaving and is very angry. There’s a superwoman in the colony.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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