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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at home talking with anita. She tells vibhu that Tiwari actually has a very good character and he never falls for other women and loves only anguri. Vibhu says no and you are having a misunderstanding, anita says shut up and there are only some men who are actually good. Vibhu is angry and anita tells him that he is not one of them and who knows if he has an affair with someone else, anita goes. Vibhu says that anita insulted me and doubted me and she even compared me to that Tiwari and now I will not leave that Tiwari. Suddenly gulfam kali comes from behind and hugs vibhu, vibhu gets scared and shoos her away.
At tea stall vibhu and Tiwari are there and vibhu says to Tiwari that they should have a party someday. Suddenly prem comes and everyone share greetings.

Prem tells vibhu that tonight he has a big meeting at his house and all great and rich business men are coming so he should also come and prem tells Tiwari that even he should come as they will get some new friends. Tiwari says okay and goes home. Prem goes, and vibhu is there sitting and says to himself that today he will show this Tiwari.
At night Tiwari goes at prems house and prem welcomes him, as they both are talking vibhu is standing at the window with a camera. Tiwari asks prem that where are the other business men? Prem says they will take time and come in sometime. Suddenly gulfam kali comes, prem says come here and start dancing, Tiwari is shocked. Gulfam kali dances and seductively sits on tiwaris lap and dances as well whereas there vibhu takes the photos. Tiwari feels uneasy and he tells gulfam kali to stay away. Prem tells Tiwari to go now, Tiwari says all of a sudden and what about the other business men? Prem says they gave him a message and they are not coming so go. Tiwari says okay and goes. There vibhu is happy and he takes the photos.
Next day at home Tiwari is in the hall and says that vibhu and all his friends are useless and characterless. Anguri comes and says why are you angry? Tiwari says because of vibhu and prem and they called him but no one came and so prem sent me back. Anguri says don’t be angry and I will bring samosas. Anguri goes, the doorbell rings and Tiwari opens the door, its tilu. He comes in, and Tiwari tells tilu to take this list and take the money from these people. Tilu says okay and he has an envelope in his hand. Tiwari asks him what it is? Tilu gives him and says it was kept at his door. Tiwari opens it and sees all the photos of his and gulfam kali and he is scared and says who did this, tilu snatches and sees it. Tilu then blackmails Tiwari, Tiwari says don’t tell anguri, tilu says okay and takes 2000rs from Tiwari and keeps quiet and goes, anguri comes and gives Tiwari samosas.
At home Tiwari goes and calls anita, they exchange greetings, then anita says what happened? Tiwari starts crying and thinks he shouldn’t tell her about those photos, anita asks what happened? Tiwari tells he was missing mom, anita says today she was talking about him with vibhu. Tiwari asks what? Anita tells that whatever a man he is but his character is very good and he doesn’t look to any other woman. Tiwari says yes. Then he gets a call an its vibhu talking in a different voice, he blackmails Tiwari and says he has the photos and he just has to say I love you darling on the phone in front of the neighbor anita with whom he is sitting. Tiwari says anita to bring water, she goes and Tiwari says I love you darling 3 times and he runs away home. There vibhu is happy. Anita comes out with water and says where di Tiwari go?

Precap: no precap.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Not able to comment on 22 july so commenting here. Plz update 25 july episode fast.. waiting since yesterday night.

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