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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari is standing in gallery and looking towards sky says tat rains pls come soon and anguri comes from behind and she says tat I have called amaji and she has asked u to take me to delhi and if he hates rains I will ask him to and he is constantly saying yes and then anguri pats him and then tiwari says tat when did u came and anguri says so u didn’t listen wat I was saying and he says tat I was waiting for rain and anguri says y were u waiting for rains and he says nothing and anguri says tat so will u take me to delhi and then he says tat last time I have took u to delhi and anguri says tat there were no rains at tat time I want to see kutub minar and then comes ladu and asks y r u waiting fr rains and tiwari says tat today evening u will get ur chappals and then

anguri asks him to go and take a bath and tiwari says ok I will go but u stay here and tell me as soon as rains come and he goes and then ladu says to anguri tat this is weird bhabhi ma y is he waiting for rains he never waited so much for u and anguri says yes and then ladu goes near the room and shouts it came came and then tiwari comes out and asks where are the rains and then he asks ladu y he said rains came and then ladu says tat I said I want to go to toilet and then tiwari goes in and asks anguri to wait and let him inform as soon as the rains come
Vibhuti is listening and singing some romantic rain songs and then comes anita and she says tat there is a superb romantic film and I have booked tickets and lets go and then vibhuti says tat u go I don’t want to see movie and anita gets angry and says after such a long time I had such a good mood to see movie and u spoiled it and then vibhuti holds her hand and starts dancing and when he sees tat its going to rain he leaves her and runs to meet anguri bhabhi and anita gets very angry
Anguri is sitting in window and seeing if rains come and tiwari asks her tat is she there she should inform him as soon as rains arrive and then anguri says ok vibhuti comes and asks anguri to lets go in rain and dance and then she thinks tat I will not inform tiwari as he takes bath rarely and then she says tat tiwari is in and how should I leave and vibhuti says don’t worry and he locks the door and says to anguri tat let go he wont come out and they go while tiwari comes out of bathroom and he sees rains are coming he is in a towel with soap all over his body he says tat I will cook pakodas for anita bhabhi and then he tries to open door but its locked and he shouts anguri to open the door
Vibhuti asks anguri to go in rains and enjoy rains and when she goes in rain the rain stops and then anguri says tiwari must have finished his bath and I will go and open door while vihbuti gets upset and leaves and then tiwari is calling anguri to open door and then anguri comes and opens it and tiwari asks y u closed the door and she lies tat I thought cat may go in so I locked it and then he goes and sees the rains have gone and he also goes in anguri then says tat I need to talk to amaji about this and then she calls amaji and tells her tat its very strange and tells tat tiwari is eagerly waiting for rains and amaji says u don’t worry I will call him and take his class and hungs up and the cup of coffee in her hand fells down
Vibhuti is in his gallery talking to sky to pour rain soon and then he says come and anita hears it and asks who r u calling and vibhuti says tat I was calling the pegions and anita says u have become so mad tat u have no work and u r calling pegions and she then asks him to lets go for check up and he says u know I feel giddy when I see blood and then he asks her to go alone pls and then he keeps waiting for rains and anita leaves
Vibhuti and tiwari bump into each other and vibhuti asks tiwari to see and walk and asks wat were u seeing up and tiwari says tat I was seeing when will rain occurs and then there comes saxena and asks wats going on tiwari and vibhuti brother and then both ask him tat wat do u think when will rains come and saxena says tat I will ask my friend in weather forecast and he calls and asks is it badal and vibhuti takes the phone and asks Mr. Badal tat when will rains come and badal tells tat the monsoon season is over and vibhuti gets angry and hungs up and then vibhuti slaps saxena and leaves while saxena says I like it and then tiwari slaps him and leaves and saxena says I like it
when rains arrive tiwari and vibhuti run to meet anita and anguri and they meet on road and vibhuti says congrats tiwari its raining and tiwari says same to u and vibhuti says I was coming to tell u tat rains have arrive and then tiwari also says wat a coincidence even I was coming to tell u and then tiwari says tat I m going to tell tilu and he leaves and then vibhuti says tat I will go and tell saxena and they both go to each others houses and call bhabhiji and then they search for bhabhiji and they do not find them and both come out and meet each other and vibhuti asks where is bhabhiji and tiwari says she has gone to mandir and then tiwari asks where is bhabhiji and then vibhuti says she is not at home and then due to rain vibhuti sneezes.

An advocate introduces him as a advocate fr vibhutis mamaji and then anita says u must have taken loan from him and he has sent lawyer to get the money back and then the advocate says tat listen completely tat ur mamaji is dead and vibhuti cries oh god and then the advocate says tat before he died he has allocated his property of 25 crore on ur name and then vibhuti and anita shout in happiness and excitement.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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