Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari to direct and produce a film

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena Reading novel and says this is fantastic and I’m so proud to have this chair in my house.saxena falls asleep,the chair starts moving,saxena wakes up and goes back to sleep,there’s a shadow of a man on his wall sitting on the chair.
Saxena wakes up and sees the window is open,he goes to close it and the chair moves a bit, and the shadow again appears on the wall.

Anu looking at old photographs and says I’m looking so hot and I was so good at my modelling why did I marry so soon,tiwrai walks in and asks why do you look a little down.anu says look at these photos,Tiwari says wow,anu says I was featured in so many ads,Tiwari says I saw one two ads as well,one of a toothpaste too,I was your fan,but why did you leave modelling,anu says to marry Vibhu,tiwrai says you

made a wrong decision to marry Vibhu,anu says he didn’t ask me to leave,it was my decision Vibhu infact was supporting me,but now I feel like I shouldn’t have quit modelling.

Tiwrai says why not now,anu says who will give me roles now after such big break,Tiwari says I shall take a leave.anguri singing songs and doing household,Vibhu walks in and says bhabhiji you look like a kid when you sing this song,you must be a very cute kid,anguri says yes I was I use to have two ponies with flowers,Vibhu says people must be kissing you,anguri says yes,Vibhu says I wish I was one of them,anguri asks what did you say,Vibhu says you are a kid the kid in you wants to play,anguri says tiwrai says the same thing to me,vibhu says he said that to gulfamkali as well,anguri says that’s not possible,amaji walks in and asks what is he doing here,anguri says amaji all good,amaji says nothing is good,Tiwaris kundali isn’t good,vibhu says will he die soon,amaji slaps Vibhu and says don’t interrupt.

Amaji says anguri it’s said there’s gonna be a phase that you may leave tiwrai because of his deeds,Vibhu says if Tiwari falls for some other women why will bhabhiji be with her,amaji slaps him and says get lost,vjbhu says go to hell and leaves.

Amaji says Panditji said don’t leave tiwrai in any case and now get me food.anguri says sure I will and leaves.

Anu performing on Kawali,Tiwari walks in and is mesmerised,anu turns around and gets scared and says couldn’t you ring the bell,tiwrai says I’m very sorry but today I’m not here as your neighbour,anu asks are you a governor now,tiwrai says no as a director,I’m gonna produce and direct a film and my production house is gonna he called bunch of grapes it’s inspired by anguri,anu says good and whose your lead,Tiwari says it’s you,anu gets excited and asks how is the actor,Tiwari says it’s me,anu says don’t feel bad but the film will be a flop,skip the plan,anguri walks in and says even I have same opinion,anu says the phase has changed and we should launch a new hero,you look like 80’s hero,Tiwari says okay then suggest someone,Vibhu joins them,anu says look here’s your hero,Tiwari says him,anu says his personality is exactly like a hero and my chemistry and comfort will be great with him.

Vibhu asks what all is happening,anguri says Tiwari is directing and producing a film,vibhu says this cheap man,anu says stop it vibhu,he is gonna direct and produce a film and we are the leads,Vibhu says I charge 5 lakhs,Tiwari says sorry no pay it’s a low budget film,Vibhu says then I’m sorry I won’t work,I charge for Work and leaves.tiwari says look at him,I’m the best choice,anguri says but you aren’t fit,Tiwari says I will be in few weeks.

Tikka tilu malkhan ya tea stall,discussing about an adult movie,tilu says it’s an emotional movie,malkhan says how come,tilu says because nothing of such happens with me,saxena comes talking on phone,tikka asks what are you upto.
Saxena says famous director is behind me,so I’m writing a film for him.tilu says take me as well in your film,malkhan says yes please give us some role too.saxena asks can you act,tikka says we act daily just give us a chance,Tiwari joins them and asks what are you upto.

Saxena says these boys want to act,Tiwari says good I met you here,I want you to write a film for me,I’m directing and producing it,me and Anita bhabhi are leads,anguri playing Anita bhabhis friend and it’s should be a romantic film,my production house is called bunch of grapes.tilu says only you shall watch this film,Tiwari says shut up.

Pre cap:saxena says Anita bhabhi the film script is ready,anu very excited.
Tiwrai sits on saxenas antique chair and starts talking bengali.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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