Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita and vibhu in the bedroom and vibhu says anita from tomorrow I will teach everyone hockey. Anita says yes and I am so proud of you. vibhu says I feel like romance now and anita come on. Anita says o my god what are you doing coach? Vibhu says coach? That I am on the field and not here. Anita says no you will be the coach for me until we win this match and I cant romance with my coach and sleep beside him so I will go down and sleep and until we win we have to go like this. Anita takes her pillows and blanket and goes down. Vibhu says why does this always happen with me?
Next day morning at 6 am everyone come on the street with hockey sticks. Anguri comes and happu singh says where is anita Bhabhi? Anita comes jogging. Tiwari says she came and says good

morning. Anita says good morning and anguri asks you got up early? Anita says yes I got up at 5 am so that I could warm up by jogging. Tiwari says where is our coach vibhu? Anita says yes I will call him and he may be coming. Anita takes her phone and calls vibhu, he says coach where are you and everyone is waiting? Anita then says okay come coach, she keeps the phone. Anita says coach will come now.
There at door, vibhu comes with a cup of coffee and his hockey stick and he sits on the wall. Everyone say good morning coach. Tiwari then says that vibhu what is this? We all came here at 6 and you come so late? Vibhu says how are you speaking to your coach? And you are acting too smart. Now go take 10 rounds and if you say anything I will increase the rounds. Tiwari says but, vibhu says now take 15 rounds, Tiwari says but, vibhu says no 20 rounds. Anita says go Tiwari, Tiwari goes.
Vibhu says so now we will decide who will play what. Vibhu announces anita as the captain. He then says that tika you will play goalkeeper and malkhan the center forward and saxena left forward. Vibhu says happu singh you will do commentary as you don’t look worth anything. Vibhu says now everyone go take 10 rounds of the town go. Everyone go jogging. Anguri says what do I do coach? Vibhu says we will speak in code language which I taught you yesterday? Anguri says yes and says sweetheart. Vibhu says yes. Vibhu says so are you ready? Anguri gives flying kiss. Vibhu gets happy.
At home Tiwari has put his legs in a hot water bucket and anguri says vibhu is our sweetheart. Tiwari gets angry and says shut up he is cheap heart. Anguri says he taught me to call him sweetheart. Tiwari gets angry and says what? And just shut up and bring me food I am hungry and do not call him sweetheart. Anguri calls mom, Tiwari says I am sorry keep the phone and bring food please. Anguri says okay and goes to bring food. Anguri comes back with food and keeps it on table. Tiwari says i wanted to drink sugarcane juice, anguri smiles and says me too. Vibhu comes and says you said what Tiwari? Sugarcane juice? Not at all and how dare you eat tis oily food? Go right now and take 10 rounds come on. Tiwari says what? Why? Vibhu says go now or I will remove you from the team by telling anita. Tiwari says no don’t I will go, Tiwari goes. Vibhu then says anguri talk in code language. Anguri says yes sweetheart. Vibhu gets happy and says are you ready then? Anguri gives flying kiss, vibhu says I will earth that food.
At home anita is there and she says everyone is working so hard but vibhu is not making angrui do anything. Vibhu comes and sits. Anita says coach you made everyone work hard and everyone is working hard and they are sweating hard for the team but anguri isn’t working hard. Why? Vibhu says actually I am using planning here and if we want to make donkeys run a horse’s race then what will we do? Anita says treat the donkeys like horses. Vibhu says yes and here anguri is that animal and she has to be treated psychologically so that later she doesn’t put a goal on our side. Anita is impressed and says wow that is intelligent.

Precap: tika falls unconscious on the tea stall and happu singh and malkhan try waking him up as malkhan cries.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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