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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari and Vibhu running towards the train as it starts. They run and anguri and anita come at door to take them in. Song tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam starts and vibhu and tiwari run. Tiwari looks at anita and vibhu at anguri. They smile as the song plays. Vibhu comes ahead of tiwari and as his stomach gets bad tissri comes ahead. This goes on for a few minutes, yadrams son comes running and teases them and goes. Then vibhu gets aside as his stomach is bad and tiwari too. Anita and anguri say why did they go? They both say we will come at the next station from taxi. They stand as train goes. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other. Then they run in the toilets.
In the train, anguri and anita say when will the next station come? Tika says in half an hour. Happu

singh is talking with commissioner on phone and says i have an injured knee so cant come for 3 days. Train horn honks. Happu says no it was my son olaying toy train, gulfam kali says oh darling. Everyone laugh. Happu says no it was my wife who is learning english. Happu says okay and keeps phone and says couldnt you shut up gulfam kali? Saxena says dont tell her but what a characterless man you are and you have duties but you want to enjoy in nainital. Happu slaps saxena, saxena says i like it. Then they all start playing antakshari and sing songs. Happu sings too.
There tiwari and vibhu come out from the toilets of kanpur and take a taxi. They rach halfway and vibhu stops the cab and says what the hell and how are you driving and speed isnt exceeding 20 or 30km and drive fast man we need to reach. Driver says there are potholes. Vibhu says so dodge them and take us fast, vibhus stomach gets bad and says gve me water, driver gives a botlle which is half full with water and vibhu says only this much? I will manage and he goes. Tiwari says give me water too, driver says i dont have a well here and that was all the water that was left and i gave it to that man with you. Tiwari cant control so he goes like that. When they return, driver says what did you use? Tiwari says i used dried leaves. Vibhu says why? Tiwari says there was some dirt on my legs so used dried leaves. They blth sit in car and say drive easy but fast as breaks give us aches in our stomachs, tiwari thinks vibhu gave me the same thing , vibhu thinks same. There in the train a passenger woman is there who is newly wed but has a gun in her purse.
The train has reached the next station. Tika and malkhan come out snd tell whoever wants breakfast can come here and have it and use wahroom and free yourself. Saxena comes out and asks is there any shock i can get here? Malkhan says yes see up there above train, it has 10000 volts current and take that, saxena says i like it and climbs up. Tika says he will die, malkhan says he wont and he is a tough guy as he had so many shocks. Happu singh comes and takes tea and samosa. He spits the tea and says what there is less milk and you should have made it nice, gulfam kali comes and says give me too happu. Happu says yes at night too i will give and he is giving samosa when prem comes and says dont eat that gulfand you will get infection and lets go have my Gujarati theplas. They go and happu gets angry and says this man will get a beating from me once. Anita comes and is calling vibhu. She says where is this vibhu? Happu says anita come have samosa and tea, anita says no vibhu has not yet come. Happu says its okay till then have this and its nice, anita says shut up you should have some duties too and you are just eating tea and samosa there. Anguri comes and says where is tiwari? Tika and malkhan come and say this vibhu and tiwari shouldnt have gone. Masterji says dont you have manners and it is your responsibility. Tika says are they kids that we take them in the train ourselves. Masterji says shut up dont you have manners. They say shut up for a second. The newly wed couple come out and happu is there , they say we are just married like 10 days ago. Happu says thats nice and they talk. There as train is about to go saxena comes down and has taken the shock. He goes in. Happu says where are these men and leave them. Masterji says dont yiu have manners. Tika says i will thro you manners somewhere. Masterji says shall i remove my stick.

Precap: doctor gives tiwari and vibhu a tablet in the train and says thsi will remove everything from your stomach. Tiwari vibhu ask what do you mean? He says it means all waste will come out now. They both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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