Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with towari coming out of house and a perfume agent coming. He asks tiwari that does he want any person coming themself running towards him and hugging him? He says does he want anyone coming near him and loving him? Tiwari says yes. Then that seller says he has a kamuk perfume and with that anyone will come and fall into love with him. Tiwari says that was he the only stupid that he came to him to sell the perfume? The seller says that this perfume seriously works and if it wont then he will return the money. Tiwari buys the perfume in 3000 rupees. He then goes in.
Tiwari puts the perfume on his body. And he is in his bedroom. Anguri comes. Tiwari is going when anguri smells the perfume. She gets intoxicated and becomes sensuous. She goes and holds tiwaris hand.

Tiwari then understands that it is because of the perfume. Anguri says dont go. Vibhu who is in the balcony sees this all. He gets shocked. Anguri pushes tiwari on the bed and she pulls the curtain. Tiwari laughs in the bedroom. Vibhu cant see and he is angry and shocked. He saus what is towari and anguri doing? Tiwari comes out of the bedroom and he buttons his shirt and is saying that this should happen to anita and he is opening the door when vibhu is standing on the door. He asks what is happening? Tiwari says who the hell is he to ask what is happening? Then vibhu says he was just asking. Anguri comes down and asks tiwari who had come? Tiwari tells its the one who always interferes in everyones house. Anguri says it must be vibhuti. Vibhuti and tiwari come in. Vibhu says what was happening? Tiwari says nothing and he better do his work. Anguri tells vibhu why doesnt he find a job? Vibhu says he is sad today and he goes. After vibhu goes tiwari sees him going then he goes out of the house. He sees anita coming out. She smells the perfume snd becomes sensuous and goes and dances near tiwari on the song aiyaa. After the song ends tiwari sees that anita is hugging him. As the song ends tiwari sees people everywhere and he opens his eyes and sees that actually gulfam kali had huggedhim and not anita. He pushes her aside. Then she tells she wants his love and she runs behind him. Tiwari goes running and on returning 3 more woman are running behind him. He goes in his house. Near the kitchen vibhu comes. He tells her he is angry on a man what should he do? Anguri says hit him. Vibhu says a woman constantly sticks to him. She says she doesnt know what to do. By then anguri smells the perfume again and she tells vibhu she wants to love tiwari and she is going. Vibhu says what about this vegetables she is making? She tells you do it. Anguri goes. Vibhu is angry and says what is there in that tiwari which he doesnt have. Vibhu then puts a whole box of chilli powder in the vegetable and he goes.
Next day tiwari comes out of his house. He says yesterday he was somehow saved but today he shoukd be alert. He puts on the perfume and goes in anitas house. Anita is drinking coffee. Tiwari sits there. Anita is speaking with a sound like mice and is spesking through the nose. Tiwari is shocked and thinks what is this happening? He then asks anita that isnt there somethibg different today? Anita says what? Tiwari says he is smelling something. Anita says it must be the floor detergent. Tiwari then thinks why cant anita smell the perfume? He then asks doesnt she smell anything? anita tells that she cant as her nose is blocked and she has cold. Tiwari says to himself that this had to happen only to him? He then tells ok and says he will come when she will feel better again. Tiwari goes out. He looks in the sky and prays to god that let anita bhabhi get well soon. Haldirams son is looking up to. Tiwaris asks what is he doing here? He asks tiwari what is he seeing up? Tiwari says sugarcane fields. Tiwari asks him what he is looking up? Haldirams son says he is watching pineapples. Tiwari says get lost. Son irks and goes.
At home tiwari sits on the dining table and calls anguri. He tells her to make kada. She says why? He says he is having cold. Anguri says it doesnt look like. Tiwari says has she entered his nose and seen that? Then he tells her go and make kada. Anguri says that her mom says that if a person not suffering from cold drinks kada then he will become hot. Tiwari ssys u mean hot from inside? Anguri says right. Then tuwari acts like sneezing and tells anguri to go and make kada. Anguri goes. Then tiwari says to himself that he will make anita drink this and as her nose will open she will start loving him. So tiwari puts on the perfume. But anguri smells it and she comes to tiwari and catches his hand. She tells him she wants to love him a lot and she gets romantic and she tells tiwari that she wants to give him the bite of love.Tiwari says why does he forget that anguri is at home and before he goes to anita she will bite him.

Precap: vibhu is at anguris house and anguri comes down from the stairs and they both dance to the song kaho na pyaar hai.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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