Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vibhuti says tat may be the gaugles fell where i bumped into saxena and he goes and checks there but could not find it and ssaxena comes there and asks wat happen vibhuti brother and vibhut sees saxna and sees him wearing gaugles and asks him to give it back as its his and saxena says tat no i have purchased from shop and vibhuti says tat give it and he takes it and sees weather they r that x-ray glasses and sees tat they r not while saxena asks him to give it back and saxena says tat give it back and he wears it and leaves and vibhuti says tat this was not the x-ray gaugles now this is a very big issue as if it gets in wrong hands it will create chaos and he goes in
Vibhuti is tensed as where must be the gaugles and comes anita and says tat i want some coffee

to drink and asks vibhuti to go and bring some coffee and vibhuti says tat i will bring later and anita says tat i want coffee now and vibhuti says to anita tat i will bring later but wats wrong with u u r having coffe like alcohol and anita says ok and gets up and takes her purse and says to vibhuti tat she is going to bring coffee from bazaar while vibhuti stops her and says sorry my lovely wife pls sit and i will bring coffee for my queen and then anita asks him to bring brownies also and he goes in to bring wallet and bell rangs and its tiwari while tiwari looks at anita and says tat she really looks beautifull in this sari and vibhuti sees him in the glasses and gets hold tiwri and asks him to remove the glasses and he checks it while anita says to him tat wat kind of ill mannered behaviour is this and after checking tat this is not the see through gaugle he gives it back and says sorry and leaves
While the vegetable seller comes to sell vegetables and he is also wearing gaugles and anguri comes to buy vegetables and when vibhuti sees this he comes and empties the basket of his vegetables and covers anguri and stands and the seller asks vibhuti wats wrong with u and he then takes his glares and check if they r the see through gaugles,they r not and then gives back and says sorry but the seller says tat u spoiled the goods of 5000 rs now pay me for my loss and comes hapu singh even he is wearing black glares and vibhuti again covers anguri and stands and the seller complains tat vibhuti has made him a big loss by spoiling the vegetables and then hapu singh asks anguri tell wat happen but vibhuti covers her and anguri could not tell and then vibhuti asks anguri tat she has a promise of tiwari she will see his dead face if she tells anything ti hapu singh and vibhuti takes happu singhs gaugles and runs and then the seller and hapu singh run behind him on scooter vibhuti is running on cycle and then stop s and checks if the glares are the see through one and gets to know tat they r not and then gives it back to hapu singh and says sorry
Anita is watering the plants in her terrace and tika and mallkhan are standing and seeing a start where tika tells tat one of the astrologer has told him tat if he sees A star for more than 10 min he will get married soon and vibhuti comes from behind and see both of them wearing glares and asks them wat r u doing and sees tat they r seeing anita and he hits them badly anita sees thia and asks vibhuti to stop but he hits them and checks there glares and then says sorry and leaves while anguri is also watering plants and she gets a call from amaji and amaji asks her how is she and she says fine and amaji asks her to take care of her eyes as the virus of conjective virus has spread how is tiwrai and anguri says he is recovering and then amaji says tat even i m wearing gaugles and then she says many accidents are happening as u know how beautiful i look and anguri says yes u look beautiful and then asks her to send her a selfie and amaji sends anguri sees it and says tat u really look beautifull and then she hears tat someone is teasing amaji and amaji says to tat person tat go away don’t tease me and throws the plant at him and then the guy says tat i m looking how a lady looks like buffalo and then she shouts to leave and then hungs up and asks the man hey where r u come here
Anita comes down and asks vibhuti wat is wrong tell me and vibhuti tells her tat his friend prem gifted him a see through gaugles Anita asks wat did u said just now and vibhuti says tat its a see through gaugles and anita gets very angry and says tat i could not believe tat u will do this while tiwari is hearing all this standing on the door step and says i knew tat vibhuti is not good but he is vulgar also and says tat bhabhiji should ask vibhuti to leave for his this crime and anita then says tat i m shocked and hurt vibhuti cant believe tat an educated person like u will behave this way and she goes in and tiwari laughs at it and he spilts on vibhutis name and vibhuti hears it and says tat whose there and tiwari hides and vibhuti thinks tat thos gaugles have created a lot of problem for me

Tiwari sees the gaugles tat vibhuti is searching for and he takes it and checks it and says tat yes these are those gaugles tat vibhuti was searching for and he wears it and sees and anita comes out and tiwari first hides and then sees anita through those glasses.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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