Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says Anita stop entertaining tiwariji,don’t allow him home,anita says what’s wrong why are unso upset with him,Vibhuti says he keeps irritating n wasting time,anita says true he wastes so much time of mine,don’t worry I will ask him to stop coming here.

Saxena abt to jump from his balcony,Tiwari says what’s wrong why are u doing this,Saxena says I want my ma,u snatched my ma,Tiwari says I did when,Saxena says I’m talking abt my anguri ma,Tiwari says she will come after 2-3 months,Saxena says call my ma,or else I will jump,Tiwari says I don’t care jump if u want, Saxena jumps of his balcony n wakes up n says I like it n says I will keep jumping down like this till my ma comes,Tiwari says God these mad people in my life.

Tiwari goes

to Anita’s house n says hi,Anita says plz leave,Tiwari says I’m here to see u ,Anita says u are free but I’m not,Tiwari says u look free too,u are just reading magazine,Anita says it’s my job plz leave,Tiwari says are u avoiding me,Anita says if u feel so plz leave,why do u keep irritating me go irritate ur wife,Tiwari says but anguri is at her dadus place n will not come for 2-3 months,Anita says then plz don’t see me for 2-3 moths too,Tiwari say sim here just to entertain u,Anita says then get up n start dancing cmon.

Amaji says get me samosas,Tiwari says here u go have it,amaji says these are useless,Tiwari says I’m not anguri,Amaji says then why not call her,Tiwari says after so long she went to her dads place let her be,Vibhuti listens to them n says I’m missing bhabhiji n look at them,Amaji says ok ok let her stay u are right n Vibhuti was here n saying that Tilu sleeps with Tiwari n that may cause problem,Tiwari says I won’t leave him,amaji says ok n go get water n stop sleeping with Tilu too.

Vibhuti n Tiwari at tea stall,Vibhuti n call wispers n says ok he is here,Vibhuti says Tiwari u look lost,Tiwari says yes bad mood,Vibhuti says show me ur hand I can read it,Tiwari says ok tell me,Vibhuti says oh ur hand says u may meet with an accident, Tika comes on cycle n dashes to Tiwari,Vibhuti says good ride somewhere else go.

Vibhuti says see I told u,now u need ur luck factor n ur luck factor is bhabhiji,Saxena jumps again from balcony,Vibhuti asks what is this,Saxena says this will continue till my bhabhi ma comes back,Vibhuti says cmon tiwariji now call bhabhiji look whole colony is missing her.

Tiwari goes to Anita,Anita says u are again here,Tiwari says don’t be upset,Anita says then shd I dance for u,plz stop irritating me,Tiwari starts weeping,Anita says shut up,Tiwari says I’m here to tell u that I’m going to get anguri,Anita says wow,Tiwari says good this lie work,Anita says plz get her soon,I’m missing her so much,Tiwari says for u I’m getting her,Anita says why don’t u miss her,Tiwari says yes I do,Saxena jumps again in from of them,n says Anita bhabhi ma,this tiwariji is going no where he is fooling u,Tiwari says no I’m not,Anita says get out tiwariji n don’t come till anguriji is home, get lost.

Anita says Saxenaji are u fine,saxena says till my ma comes I will keep jumping. Vibhuti waiting for hapu Singh,hapu Singh comes,Vibhuti says I called u to show something,a son is jumping for his ma,hapu Singh says I didn’t get u,Vibhuti says Saxena calls anguri bhabhi ma,n since she isn’t here, he is trying to suicide,n says if anguri bhabhi doesn’t come he will keep jumping,hapu Singh says what shd I do,I know it’s wrong but what,Vibhuti says go talk to tiwariji b pressurise him simple,hapu Singh I will do so.

Hapu Singh goes to tiwaris house,Tiwari says why are u here, hapu Singh bcoz of u poor Saxena is in pain n all bcoz of u,u would be jailed for it,Tiwari says don’t take that mad seriously n don’t u have any work,hapu Singh says it’s my duty to take care of my citizens n don’t u care abt him for humanity, Saxena jumps on hapu Singh.

Pre cap:prem Chaudhary asks Vibhuti when is Tiwari getting anguri bhabhi,Vibhuti says God knows,prem says I have an idea use it n sure anguri bhabhi will be here.
Amaji wakes Tiwari n are shocked to see him lying with Gulfamkali in bed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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