Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan stops vibhuti and says wat r u doing and vibhuti says tat wat is wrong in this it’s a regular for a human being but manmohan does not listen and says to anita tat pls ask him to stop and anita then asks vibhuti to stop but vibhuti denies and anita then gives him a look and then asks him to close eyes and vibhuti and manmohan both close their eyes and anita asks them to imagine tat they r in Kashmir and there is snow falling and then asks them to feel the breath they r taking and then anita says tat think tat u r holding my hand and manmohan thinks of holding anitas hand while vibhuti thinks of holding anguri hand and then manmohan offers his hand to hold and naguri holds it and anguri gets happy seeing it and then they open their eyes and anita asks so the

pressure is gone now and vibhuti says yes
They have their dinner together and vibhuti says tat anguri bhabhi u cook really delicious food and even if u cook the grass it will taste tasty u cook better than anita and anita gives a look to vibhuti and then manmohan gets up but then they understand tat they have to sleep together and then anguri says tat today is the special day as we have to read the Sanskrit sentences and tells tat panditji has told to do this as this will keep us together for ever and then vibhuti say tat anita will not do it as she does not believe in it and anita says tat I don’t believe much but this idea is romantic and we can do it and then they decide to stay at anguris house and they all go to sleep on the single bed
Alarma rangs and anguri wakes up everyone and they read the sasnkrit sentences and when manmohan reads it he says tat it is non sense written they read one by one and vibhuti gets irritated by it and they go to sleep next day vibhuti and manmohan are having their breakfast and vibhuti says to tiwari how much do u eat and anguri then says let him eat pls and offers him to eat too and comes anita and asks vibhuti did he had breakfast and he says yes and asks him to talk as it’s a phone call for him he then on phone confirms tat he will come to make the policy for the horse and manmohan says tat he has to go to shop and he will not go with vibhuti and anita then requests him to go with vibhuti and he agrees and then anita asks vibhuti to later go with tiwari at his shop but vibhuti denies and then anguri requests him and he agrees
Vibhuti then says wat will people think about it and then anita say stat she has a idea for this and asks manmohan to wear a shall and hide their hand in it vibhuti says its summer what will people think and anita says don’t think about it and then anita gives him a kiss and says by and manmohan gets jealous of it and then vibhuti teases him and manmohan says tat even he will take a kiss from anguri he calls anguri out and asks her to give a kiss and she shys and leaves laughing and manmohan gets angry and then they leave
While going they meet saxena and he asks how come u both so close together and they wat work u have and from where r u coming and saxena says tat just now a dog bite him seeing his red t-shirt and he leaves and then the dog comes near vibhuti and manmohan and they stop manmohan gets scared as the shall is of red color and asks vibhuti to check if the dog is mad and vibhuti says it’s a dog and its not written on his face and manmohan says tat if the dog bites then we have to take 14 injections and vibhuti corrects him tat the generation has changed and now u have to take only 3 injections then the dog comes near vibhuti and dos toilet and manmohan laughs seeing it and then the dog bites manmohan and vibhuti says tat u will remember this dog everyday
Vibhuti and manmohan goes home and anguri is their with the doctor and manmohan says y is it needed to take the injections and the doctor says u have to take or the infection will spread everywhere in body and anguri says to manmohan take the injections or u will get rabies disease and manmohan agrees doctor makes the injection ready and by mistake he injects it in vibhutis body and anguri sees it too .

Police is warning vibhuti and tiwari tat there is talk in the town about ur weird behavior u have to pay 5000 rs and vibhuti gets so angry tat he slaps the inspector and he then say sto them u r under arrest.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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