Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

All sing while conversing to each other.

Tiwari walks to Anita n says hello bhabhiji, anita says wow u sing so well,Tiwari says ur idea is very appreciable, how do I feel abt it,anita says I love musical topic n I’m stress free, Tiwari says I’m loving it too,this music has an positive effect on me,I don’t know abt laddoo n anguri too,Anita says no no take care of them anyways how is ur business doing,Tiwari says not very well,Anita says then why sit here n waste time go n take care of ur business.tiwari says ok n leaves.

Tika n malka at tea stall,malka says Tika treat me with a cup of tea,Tika says how bad of u malka,happu Singh comes n asks what are u two doing here,Tika says why u so angry,happu says somebody stole my wallet,Tika says police isn’t

safe here what will common man do,happu says he is black n fat if u see him tell me,I will put him behind bars,Tika teases happu n happu slaps ,Tika n malka leave.

Vibhuti on call tells prem abt this new musical talk n says oh I had fun with bhabhiji, she is little bad In singing but I love her, a lady comes n asks for address,Vibhuti answers her musically,she says wow I love ur style,n thanks him musically too,she says Vibhuti she loves him,Vibhuti runs away.

Anita in call with her masi,she tells Rajesh wedding is fixed n in laws are from Kanpur so do meet them,Anita say sure I will bye good night, Vibhuti walks in,Anita says praise me musically plz,Vibhuti say sim sleepy very sleepy,tomorrow I will,Anita says u always do this,Vibhuti sings tarif karu Kya uski for Anita,Anita replies in song too,but Vibhuti makes fun of her,Anita gets us let n walks to balcony,Vibhuti sings for her,they both see Tiwari n anguri enjoying singing too n Anita says wow so good to see u chat musically, Tiwari says all thanks to u,Anita says now u make it a point to destress musically,anguri says ok good night,everyone wishes each other good night musically.

Next morning bell rings, Anita says oh no Vibhu is gone market I have to open door now,a couple greets her n says hello to Anita,Anita asks I didn’t recognise u two,he says I’m chutan n this is my sister bitten n we are here for the boy,Anita thinks these are Rajesh in laws but it’s the girl Vibhuti had help find address.

Anita says ur sister is very pretty,how educated are u,he says she has taught so many,Anita says so I are teacher,nice so can u do house hold work,he says yes she can,Anita asks so u liked our boy,he says she is in love with ur brother n she insists on wedding ur brother,Anita says it’s a yes from us too,he says here’s Shagun for u,we will see u soon for further talks bye.she takes Anita’s blessings while leaving.

Anguri in garden singing,n man walks to her n says can u help me where is the salon,Anguri answers him musically,he says wow ur voice is so sweet wow,anguri says thanku n leaves,he says now I will go nowhere but stay here. At night Vibhuti comes out n says God I’m not sleepy, I shd see bhabhiji n then I will sleep peacefully where is my ladder, n takes it keeps near tiwaris window,n climbs in n says bhabhiji hear I came,Vibhuti walks in n says I wish I could talk to bhabhiji, he sees Tiwari abt to wake n rushes to window n sees a man (he is morning address person )hiding n asks who are u n what are u doing here,he says I’m from neighbouring society n in love with bhabhiji.

Vibhuti says to man I’m her neighbour,u are not allowed to do this, u don’t know me, he says I will wake bhabhiji shouting n when she wakes up what will u do,Vibhuti says I will tell u are thief,he asks n what abt u,Vibhuti says lets go down n discuss what to do,they Both while leaving look at anguri n Tiwari n says beauty with beast.

Precap: chutan n bitten come to Anita’s house,n says we are here to see her would be husband,aniat says hut he doesn’t stay here,Vibhuti walks ,bitten says he is the one I love.
Anguri says look somebody dropped this bouquet,tiwari says let me see oh it reads darling anguri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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