Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update : Vibhu and Tiwari fake praise,Anita and Anguri.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu picks up the newspaper and begins reading,Tiwari walks out and picks newspaper and walks to Vibhu and wishes him good morning,Vibhu asks how is bhabhiji,Tiwari says excuse me,Vibhu says I meant you and bhabhiji how are you,Tiwari says good,Vibhu says read the news a neighbours hypnotised his neighbours wife,Tiwari says this is wrong,Vibhu says yes it is,Saxena comes angry,Vibhu asks what’s wrong,Saxena says I hate men who disrespect women,I shall hit them to death,Vibhu says hit Tiwari then he makes bhabhiji slot in kitchen all day,Tiwari says Anguri loves to work instead you live in bhabhijis expense.
Tikka says these two again began fighting amongst themselves.

Saxena says an article says women are stupid because if you praise her she will be in his pockets,look

read,Happu asks who published it,get him to me,Vibhu says no women aren’t stupid they are smart.

Vibhu at Anguri kitchen window and says let me praise her in her style,and calls Anguri and says hello,Anguri says speak fast my mood is off,Vibhu says today you looking so beautiful and this hair wow and your eyes my god,Anguri says thank you but why praising me,Vibhu says you are so innocent,and when Taj Mahal was designed they definite had your face and you know I never wished to see a Taj Mahal because I se you everyday,Anguri blushes and says what else,Vibhu say syou are a princess,a priceless gem,Anguri says something more,Vibhu says some other day bye.

Anita on call with Meenal and says when no one praises us we feel incomplete,yes Vibhu praises me but not as he did before wedding,Tiwari walks in and Anita say says to Meenal,Anita says hello Tiwariji,Tiwari says your voice is so sweet,a person may get sugar,Anita says really,Tiwari says and your personality is so charming and you are is intelligent and beautiful,we won’t find anyone else in whole of Kanpur just like beauty with brains,Anita says really,and blushes,and says you are so right,Happu walks in,Tiwari asks why are you here,Happu says why are you here,Anita says he was praising me,Happu says he is good for nothing,Anita says can you praise,Happu says yes I can,Anita says okay let’s see whose better,Happu says you here in Kanpur is like an English alcohol in local alcohol shops,Anita blushes and says let me get you coffee and leaves.

Tiwari says let’s see how much Anguri gets flattered,Anguri comes running to him and says I have a sher for you,Tiwari says ok go ahead,Anguri says bucket over bucket and a moti and if I’m lehenga,Tiwari is dhoti,Tiwari says you are so good and applauds.

Vibhu laughing hard,Anita says you Never laughed at my jokes but today,are you pulling my leg,Vibhu says yes,I mean no,your sense of humour is better then yours,Anita says you always say I’m sarcastic and yells at you,Vibhu says because I’m jealous of you,and you know I feel I should write a book on your jokes, Anguri says what Tiwariji you will publish a book on my poems I’m so Happy. Anita says I have one more joke Vibhu,Vibhu says no,I mean you must,Anita says it’s so funny,and strays laughing,there’s an elephant and he looses his specs,and he doesn’t find it,guess why,Vibhu says I cant,Anita starts laughing and says a rat stole it,Vibhu say sits unbelievable and starts laughing fake,Anita says I’m so funny,Anita says I will go make you a coffee and then more jokes,and goes.
Vibhu says look what fake praises can do,she has nothing to do with the word sense of humour.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks,Vibhu says the article was so right these women are stupid,Anita and Anguri with Saxena behind them,Tiwari says I thought bhabhiji is smart but she fell in trap too,I said you are so innocent and caring,Vibhu says and unfortunately nothing is true,let me describe her she is a female hitler,and even I praised bhabhiji and even she fell in trap I said she is a living Taj Mahal, Tiwari says why did you praise her this way,Vibhu says it was fake,Tiwari says then it’s ok,where is Taj Mahal and where Anguri,Vibhu says I fake praised Anu as well and she was so happy,Tiwari says so did I,and these women are so stupid,Anita and Anguri walk to them,Saxena says yes you heard it right.

Anita says we heard it all,Anguri says you are liars cheaters,Anita says that too for an article,and now you two won’t enter house,Anguri says for 3 days,and both leave,Saxena says here’s the article,Tiwari and Vibhu slap Saxena and put him inside garbage can.

Pre cap : tikka Tilu malkhan and Saxena,with gulfamkali, Saxena says Gulfamkali will decide who she wants to marry,Gulfamkali says yes and I shall test you three.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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