Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at night crying at home and saying oh god u did this again and what do I do god? Vibhu says I am so sorry. There anita comes home with a lawyer and anguri and Tiwari. Vibhu opens eyes and is scared. Anita says to lawyer give me the divorce papers, vibhu says what are you doing anita? Tiwari says she will divorce you as she hates you. Vibhu says u shut up. Anita says that u shut up and I don’t want to live with you. Lawyer tells sign here and anita has signed here. Vibhu tells anguri you say something please. Anguri says I cant as you teased me. Vibhu tells anita please. Anita says vibhuti sign right now. Vibhu says you will call me vibhuti? Saxena comes and tells there is no need for divorce. Anita and Tiwari say saxena you stay out of this. Saxena says no

I have to tell the truth, anita says what truth tell me. Saxena says actually I was the guy who blackmailed vibhu. Vibhu says what you were that guy and I will kill you. Saxena tells anita that actually I made this plan and as vibhu fooled me that day I framed him with gulfam by giving him a tablet and then I blackmailed him and told him do all this. Anita says why saxena and my poor vibhu. Saxena says he wanted to break vibhus overconfidence that he can fool anyone. Happu singh comes and says he has a warrant of arresting him as he slapped him. Saxena takes happu at a side and tells him everything. Anita Tiwari and anguri forgive vibhu.happu and saxena come and happu tears the warrant and says its okay now. Vibhu slaps happu and says this time there was a mosquito.

New episode- in the morning anguri is singing in the lawn and vibhu comes and says I got cottage cheese. Anguri says thanks and how much should I give? Vibhu says no I wont and I a man who gives money to people and once I gave a shirt just like that to a beggar. There tika malkhan and tilu come and start crying as they have their luggage with them. Vibhu and anguri ask what happened? They cry and say a builder captured their houses and so they are homeless now. Anguri says vibhu says he is a kind man. Tika says yes let us live at your house. Vibhu says no I cant, anguri says why? Vibhu then smiles and tells tika malkhan and tilu that actually anita would feel uncomfortable and there is a lot of stuff at home and you wont get space. Anguri says forget that and she says you 3 come and stay at our house. They all go and before going say vibhu you don’t have a heart. Anguri returns vbhu the cottage cheese and says thanks I don’t want it but and goes. Vibhu goes home.

At home Tiwari gets up in morning and tika comes with tea, Tiwari says anguri now give me a kiss on cheek. Tika goes and sits and kisses Tiwari on the cheek. Tiwari says whose are these hard lips and he opens eyes and sees its tika. Tika goes blushing. Beside Tiwari malkhan is sleeping, Tiwari is shocked and irritated. He knocks at the bathroom and its tilu inside and says what and I am here go now. Tiwari says what the hell and why are they in my house. He calls anguri and says why are these 3 here? Anguri says actually a builder captured their house so I told them to come and stay here. Tiwari says is this an orphanage to allow anyone? Anguri says mom told me to keep them here, she goes. Tiwari screams.

At anitas house, Tiwari goes and anita asks how are you? Tiwari tells her about tika malkhan and tilu and they have become a trouble for him and how will he be? Anita says you are useless Tiwari and I never expected this from u and if such a problem came in your life and if u stayed at someone elses house and they would say you are a trouble then how would you feel? Tiwari says I was just saying, anita scolds him. Tiwari is scared and goes running home. Anita says what a man?

There in the kitchen anguri is cooking, vibhu comes out and says how are you? Anguri says fine and then says I have a sher and she says it. Vibhu says that was nice and vibhu says even I have one and is about to says when tilu comes and says what are you cooking? Anguri says tomato and potatoes and even raita. Tilu says it smells beautiful and eats and teases vibhu and goes. Anguri says yes what were you saying? Vibhu is about to say when malkhan comes and sees the food and says wow I am already hungry, he goes out teasing vibhu. Vibhu is angry.

Precap: in tiwaris room at night as he is sleeping someone is behind the curtain, tika sees this and wakes Tiwari up and shows him the person. Tiwari is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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