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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with chotu coming to anita n saying that this is a letter for vibhuti. He says that some village girl came n she gave this letter. Vibhuti says its my letter so why u didnt give it to me? Chotu chides n teases him n goes. Anita reads the letter that vibhuti has made that girl pregnant some time back n so she bears his child of 5 years. He says that its nonsense. Anita asks him to shut up. Tiwari comes n says that what happened. Angoori tells him. Anita says i am leaving this house n going from here. Vibhuti says dont go. Tiwari thinks if anita goes then what will happen of me. He says to her u dont need to go anywhere come at our house. Angoori also complies. Anita agrees n goes. Vibhuti cries n pellu hugs n consoles him in sleep. Tiwari asks anita to have tea. She

says she doesnt want to eat. He says why are you not eating for that useless, characterless n good for nothing person…he then keeps mum n she looks at him n says that even if vibhuti has done this with me u dont have any right to insult him. He says ok. Angoori comes then they both say that all men are the same. At tiwaris house anita and anguri look at tiwari astounded. Tiwari asks them why are they looking at him as if he only did all this. Anita says that if he would have been there on the mountain then he would also have slept with sundari. Angoori says even i feel the same. Angoori says to anita you sleep in my room n says to tiwari that you sleep in ghost room i.e. guest room. At night vibhuti goes in guest room thinking its anita he talks to her n says if u wont come i ll cut my wrist. Its actually tiwari he says that cut your wrist i dont care n says that my destiny is bad that i got u. Vibhuti says why are you saying like this n what happened to your voice. He says i drank. Vibhuti cries n says nothing like that happened n trust me. Anita n angoori come n switch the lights on n vibhuti sees here there. They hear to what tiwari says n then he looks at them a bit shocked. Anita says to vibhuti get lost. He goes n they both also sleep. In the morning tiwari is sitting at tea stall n tells his worker to get 5-yr old kid n village girl. He says that i am playing ram teri ganga maili with vibhuti. Happu hears all of this. Vibhuti goes to saxena n asks him to help him. He murmura something in his ears. Then at tiwari’s house vibhuti goea to anita n says these are house keys take it i am going. She doesnt pay heed to his drama. A lady comes being sundari n saya how are you ny brother who is actually saxena n saya you are my brother n says some enemy might have written those letters. . Anita trusts n apologizes to the crying vibhuti. Tiwari thinks all my plan is destroyed. Then happu comes being sundari n says see i am here n see your kid n he says i am sorry. Anita gets angry n says that you are such a liar n again doesnt trust him. Then a lady comes n says i am phulwa who saved you after you drowned n i n my husband took care of you n i came here for some work so came to meet you n give this tie of yours. Its vibhuti’s tie which is gifted by anita to him. He then cries again. Anita apologizes to him. Angoori says but who are these two then. They show their faces n anita n angoori are surprised n anita angry on happu. Theb they go n she says if i get to know who is that person who wrote those letters i ll kill him. Tiwari says let it be n says you both got together thats good.

Precap:- Angoori says to vibhuti that tiwari is angry on me as i dont know english n he has told me not to speak in english. Vibhuti says no you wont stop speaking english n says i ll teach you english.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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