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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita talking with meenal and that post is still vacant. Anita says how do i convince vibhu and he has opened a juice stall. Tiwari comes. Anita keeps phone and asks what? Tiwari tells what happened and why are you sad? Anita tells because my friend meenals husband anurag is a manager in a big firm and he wants vibhu to become assistant manager but vibhu is not taking the job. Tiwari says yes he has opened a juice stall. Anita says i need your help. Tiwari says what do i do? Anita tells i just want to close that business of his. Tiwari says only this much? Anita says yes do this. Tiwati says okay i will do that. Tiwari says i will destroy his business but you have to do something for me.
At home , vibhu goes calling anguri. Laddo says keep quiet and i am studying.

Vibhu says what will you do by studying and even you have to sell garments only when you will be older. Teacher says you are very insulting and dont have manners. Vibhu tells you are a maths teacher and teach laddo maths and not manners. Teacher gets up and hits vibhu on his butt with a stick. Teacher and laddo go up to study.
Anguri comes as vibhu is in pain. Anguri asks what happened? Vibhu says teacher hit me and went up. Anguri says what happened? Vibhu says you didnt come and drink juice? Anguri says i forgot. Vibhu says how did you forget? Anguri says i will come later. Vibhu says okay and goes.
At the juice center, vibhu is there making juice.  Anita comes and tells vibhu to come in for 5 mins. Vibhu goes. Tiwari comes and puts a loose motion tablet in the juices. Vibhu comes back. Tika malkhan saxena and happu singh come and order juice. Vibhu gives each of them a glass. They drink juice saying it is good and very tasty. Tiwari sees secretly and says now you will know how tasty it is. They all go after drinking.
At home tiwari tells anguri that from today she will not drink juice from vibhus stall. Anguri says why? Tiwari says he saw him adding chemicals in it and its unsafe. Anguri says nothing happened to her and she will drink. Tiwari says once i said no so no and ho. Anguri goes in sad.
At the tea stall, happu singh tika malkhan and saxena come as they are suffering from loose motions and dysentry. They come and tells vibhu that this happened because of his juice. Vibhu says no i have given you only fresh juices. Happu is angry and tells him that close this center now. Everyone come. Anguri tiwari and anita come. Anguri says nothing happened to her and how did it affect only you people? Tiwari says you keep quiet. Vibhusays why as she is speaking the truth. Tika and malkhan go as they are not sble to control their motions. Anita says i am sorry from vibhu and we will close this center. Happu singh also goes to do motion. Everyone go and saxena says i like it and drinks more of that juice.
At night, anita is with vibhu as vibhu is sad and says whoever has done this conspiracy will be doomed and will get cockroaches in his favourite dish. Anita tells i was the one who closed your business. Vibhu says why? Anita says because you are a university topper and i cant see my husband doing that. Anita then tells that wait there is still the job left vacant for you and i will show you the proof. Anita calls meenal and meenal tells the job is gone because anurag has been removed from the job. anita says what? And keeps the phone. Vibhu asks what happened? Anita tells anurag has been removed from job. Vibhu looks at anita. Anita is ashamed and feels guilty and sleeps.

Precap: vibhu tells anita that he searvhed the whol house but laddo has been kidnapped. Anita says what? Anita and vibhu break the news of laddo being kidnapped to anguri and tiwari. Anguri faints.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I like anita’s sorry vibhu,anguri’s sahi pakde hai,sharma’s i like it……this show is always showing bad results of bad thinking in comedy mood…some time I am not able to control my laughing…

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