Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update bees fever

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu gets a call from anu and asks where are you, Vibhu says bhabhijis place, anu says i asked you to get milk, Vibhu says i came here to save myself from bees,aanu says Tiwari is here too,anyways send milk somehow i can’t function withiut coffee.vibhu says come near kitchen window.

phone’s on speaker,anu says throw the milk bottle, Vibhu says ok slightly open the door,vibhu throws it down,anu scolds him, Tiwari says he is good for nothing,vibhu says please shutup,anu says who will give me this bottle your London uncle, Vibhu says don’t pull my family into this wait i will call prem for help.

boys waiting with luggage,malkhan says did you pack woolen,tikka says we have a lot right,tilu says calm down we will go London earn a lot and we will be fine malkhan says

but we didn’t see anyone,tilu says doesnt matter let’s go.agent arrives,tikka says i have request please ask pilot to fly low because i have oxygen issues,agent says so we going by road,tilu says we can, agent says offcourse we can the road’s are very good let’s go.
all get in tempo.

all waiting for prem, Prem arrives,vibhu makes him a call and says look here iim at bhabhijis window,pick up the bottle and give it to anu,prem asks why call me for such little thing, Tiwari says because we can’t bees are behind us,prem says you are good for nothing, Im not scared of bees,dare they touch me,anu says just give me the bottle,prem bends and bees sting his ass.tiwari quickly gets down picks bottle and gets in,anu says thats very nice of you now make coffee please.

happu trying to escape bees gets in a car,and bees surround the car,happu says whoes car is this but anyways im safe, commissioner makes happu a call and tells him theres a car blue in colour,happu says i got it im in it, commissioner says there’s bomb in it quickly get rid.happu gets stuck,he finds the bomb.

anu says Tiwari quickly get me coffee, Tiwari gets her coffee,anu tastes it and says its disgusting, Tiwari says ik sorry,i will practice next time,anu says you spoilt my mood,now check someone is at door, Tiwari says god she is treating me like a servant.tiwari opens door, Vibhu angoori and master rush in,anu asks you all how come abd where are beams,master says they are busy in pooja,so they won’t bite,anu says god i don’t believe,angoori says help us,master says let me arrange a meeting and apologize, Vibhu says i won’t,master says then this will continue,tiwari says we will apologize,vibhu says then meeting at 1 at Tiwari house.

commissioner says ok tell me your fav colour or do a thing cut all tge wires, happu gets angry and cuts the call.happu says I will get out throw the bomb and get in, he tries but bees attack so get in.

pre cap : meeting with bees,queen bees says she will forgive them only when one of them should roam nacked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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