Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri checking the radio and she puts the station. RJ maddy is on the radio and says welcome to everyone. He speaks some words of love and then says that we always look at neighbour woman who is beautfiul so he dedicates a song to that. RJ maddy is saxena and he plays a song mere saamne waali khidki. Anguri is listening to the song and there anita too and vibhu comes. He ssays what is so much in that guy and lets romance. Anita says not now and she is not in a mood and she ignores him. Vibhu goes and sleeps angrily. There tiwari goes to anguri and says what are you listening. Anguri says to a song and its her favorite RJ. Tiwari says stop that and its time to romance and lets romance. Anguri says no she is listening to RJ maddy. Tiwari goes and lays down. Saxena as

RJ says that now he will solve peoples problem so call me. The first call is of tilu. Anita and anguri are surprised and they listen eagerly. Tiku says he is fed up of his boss and he is cruel and cheap and his name is manmohan tiwari. Tiwari also listens to the radio. Saxena asks what is it? Tilu tells my boss hasnt given me my salary since many months and i am fed up of him and what should i do? Anguri listens and looks at tiwari giving an expression of tiwari being hopeless. Saxena tells tilu that go at him tomorrow and pull his shirt and talk to him as rudely as you can and show your anger and tell him to give your salary and he will. Tilu says okay and smiles. Tiwari there throws the radio and tells anguri what are you smiling and he is insulting me. Anguri says so what you dont give him his salary. Tiwari scolds her and tells her to sleep and he sleeps too.
Next day at home tiwari is scared and anguri comes with 3rd cup of tea. She asks him why eh doesnt go to the shop? Tiwari tells he will not go today. Anguri says why and go as tiku called 3 times. The door is knocked and tiwari tells anguri to go and oepn and it must be tilu and tell him that i am not home. Anguri says okay and tiwari tells he will hide behind this chair. Anguri opens the door and tiku tells he wants to meet tiwari. Anguri says he just went out. Tilu says its his birthday and he looks upto tiwari as his father and wants his blessings. Anguri says oh then he is hiding and here and go take his blessings. Tilu goes behind tiwari. Anguri goes and stands in front of tiwari. Tiwari says did that useless go? Tilu says from behind i am here. Tiwari irks and says what happened? Tilu says i want your blessings. Tilu tells anguri that please bring me tea. Anguri says yes and goes. As she goes tiku pulls tiwaris collar and tiwari is scared and tells what are you doing? Tilu tells shut up and give me my salary and i will bash you so bad if u dont, tiwari says now i dont have money and when i will get then i will give you. Tilu pulls the wallet from tiwaris pocket and it has 1000rs and tiku takes it. Tilu pushes tiwari and tells him rudely that he better come to the shop today. Tilu goes.
At home anita tells meenal on hpne that she ia a fan of RJ maddy now. Vibhu comes and anita looks at him and keeps the phone. Vibhu says what has happened to you and you are ignoring me and i am trying to romance since 15 days. Anita says her romance mood is all fulfilled by the voice of RJ maddy. Vibhu says what is this and go and marry him then. Anita says i woukd have if he would have met me before you. Vibhu says you are insulting me. Anita says no and i used to ask you to romance and you ignored me always and now even i ignore you. Vibhu is angry, anita goes for her classes. Anguri comes. Vibhu says you came at the right time. Anguri tells she wants palm oil and vibhu says sure he will give her and vibhu goes to bring it and gives anguri palm oil.
At night anguri is dancing at home on RJ maddys song and anita is listening to it. Both tiwari and vibhu are angry and sleeping. Saxena tells its time or solving peoples problem. Tika calls RJ maddy. Saxena tells what is your problem. Tika tells all girls ignore him and he hasnt found love yet and is dying to get love and he would be more than happy even if a woman spoke with him in a good and loving manner. Saxena tells do 1 thing and eat mint and sugarcane and lay down in front of a woman and she will surely talk to you. Tika says yes in an excited manner? Saxena says yes and i am sure. Tika says thanks and is happy.

Precap: vibhu at night tells anita that he will break this radio, anita tells you dare do that and i will throw you out of the house. Vibhu says he is going out of the house. Anita says okay go but close the door. Vibhu is walking outside saxenas house and hears the voice of someone speaking on a radio. Vibhu looks in from the window and sees saxena. He says to himself that saxena is RJ maddy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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