Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Angoori turning into a man.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks into Tiwari house thinking is bhabhiji having any male hormone oh no thats never possible,theres so much of women into her,and she is so curvy and all where is she but and starts looking for Angoori everywhere and hides outside her room and sees her shave and is shocked, Vibhu says oh my god,this is not done,and starts crying.

Vibhu drinking with Tiwari and says your situation reminds me of a story,in a jungle a donkey dressed as lion marries a deer,Tiwari says let me narrate ahead,he had a neighbour who was also the same,Vibhu says let me tell you a truth that will screw your life,bbhabhiji s turning to male,her hormones are changing,Tiwari asks are you drunk,Vibhu says i saw her shaving,Tiwari starts laughing and says you really are drunk,Vibhu says i would love if

im lying,i cant see this happening.

Vibhu in bedroom says god if you turning bhabhiji to mmale turn me to female i ccant love a man, please i wanna be a female,Anu walks in and says what did you just say,you wanna be a female,Vibhu says baby its deep please,Anu says forget it im getting flirty calls asking for Shaila and more than 100,Vibhu says how is that possible, Anu says looks like someone is diverting the calls,Vibhu thinks iits all pprem fault,and ask is this your friend,and i think this female is involved in some phone racat,Vibhu says whats your problem let them do theor thing,Anu says i have problem,i hate such people,they litter our society.

Boys decide to trace Shaila call and then go see her,Tilu says good idea but who will trace her call,Hapu joins them and boys stare at him,Hapu asks whats wrong,Tilu says we need to trace Shailas number,Hapu says are you mad we need commissioners permission for this, Commissioner walks to them and hands permission letter and leaves.

Angoori gets a call from amaji,Amaji says theres one more thing you need you have to do,Angoori says i will do anything,Amaji says remember Tiwari should know nothing about it and what you have to do is,take handful of rice take a round of male washroom and throw ot behind it okay,Angoori says okay i will.

Vibhu buying vegetable and bargaining,Tiwari walks to him and insult him,and says you should be thrown out of Kanpur,how could you say that Angoori is turning to mmale and they see Angoori outside male washroom,and are shocked,

Vibhu shares Angooris state with Prem he is shocked too,and says she is turning male how will you love her now,Vibhu says i love her soul and tthats it, Prem says but when you will love a man you will be a gay,Vibhu says i will turn to female,Prem asks wwhat about Anu bhabhi

Hapu calls Shaila, Hapu says your love is calling,Shaila says oh my Love muaah, Hapu says i dont wabt this virtual ones, your fever i tell you,Shaila says go to a doctor then, Hapu says its your love, Shaila says okay close your eyes,Hapu says no i want to see you,Shaila says i will why so impatient, Hapu says look enough of this iim into police remember tell me when are we meeting or else it wont be good,Shaila says okay i will see you today evening at jhakarkati circle, wearing purple saree and you come hug me,Hapu says deal.Comissioner hears all this.
Prem says are you mad to see him,Vibhu says no him its just because he was showing off.Comissioner asks Hapu who it is,Hapu says my Aunt she is unwell, Commissioner says is she named Shaila,Hapu says iim sorry please forgive me, Commissioner says on one condition even i wilk come along with you.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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