Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita says Anguriji get out of car look it’s so beautiful,Anguri gets out and says you are so right, I’m seeing such beauty for first time,laddu me bhaiya never take me out on trips,Anita says don’t worry now we shall go together,tired right let’s have tea,(they are near a tea stall) Anita says bhaiya get two teas, Anguri says I’m cold too, but, Anita says I know what you want to say you worried about tiwariji,Anguri asks how did you guess,Anita says I’m you neighbour I know everything about you,now let me call Meenal.

Meenal says Anurag you are so hot,she gets Anita’s call and says where are you I’m waiting,Anita says I’m near by where are you waiting,Meenal says we are at gumnam hotel it’s little to gloomy and looks haunted

but a great place,Anita says look whether is very rainy and I’m safe driver so I will take time,Meenal says no worries me and my darling Anurag will wait,Anurag starts winking and Meenal sees a ghost and both start shouting.

Vibhu and Tiwari lodging complaint,Vibhu and Tiwari say we are so worried, they are at Tiwaris house,happu says either cry or tell me I have to write FIR,Vibhu says what do you know what We are going through ,happu says what I know,I have controlled my emotions,since so long I meant two women have vanished from my colony it’s so sad and Vibhuti bhaiya cmon don’t be sad tell me,who is lost,Vibhu says Hema Malini,happu says when was her name Hema Malini,Vibhu says when you know why did you ask,happu says it’s a procedure,what d you know you are jobless,Vibhu says ok Anita Mishra,happu says any marks,Tiwari says a beauty spot on left,happu says no it’s right,Tiwari and Vibhu give him cold looks,happu says Tiwari your turn.

Tiwari says Anguri Tiwari,happu says age,Vibhu says looks sixteen,Tiwari says she is thirty,happu asks any marks,Vibhu says beauty spot on pretty pink lips,Tiwari and happu give him cold looks. Commissioner with his wife in market,she says quickly I also have to eat pain puri,stop walking like a donkey,he says you have loaded me like on,she orders pani puri,tikka malkhan Tilu seating on a rickshaw behind,malkhan says we can’t even go jail what to do,he says look commissioner,tikka says it won’t work,malkhan says he knows the trick but his wife doesn’t let’s go flirt with her,tikka says good idea I will make you a drink tonight.

Tilu says hello commissioner, commissioner says hello how are you,Tilu says all good but you never told us you have such hot wife,tikka says just look at her feature,commissioner just laughs,malkhan says she is one in a million,wife says how dare you laugh do something what will I do let me call someone,police police,happu comes and says yes madam greetings sir,sir on madams duty today.madam says happu you are here on right time arrest these boys they were flirting with me,happu says no they are just innocent boys from my colony,madam says I’m commissioners wife I will fire you,arrest them right now,happu says isn’t worry have panipuri I will handle this case and takes them away.

Receptionist reading a horror story, the ghost would dine on human blood and eat every guest in no moons day when it’s rained heavily,and once on such wheather two beautiful women entered the guest house, Anguri and Anita enter the guests house and ask is this gumnam guest house,the receptionist says yes Madame,Anguri says okay,Anita asks where is Meenal and Anurag named couple staying,he says there’s no one by this Name she lied,Anita says why will she,he says because anyone can lie,Anguri says so in that case even you can ,he says you are right,Anita says you are very weird just check you register once,he says there’s no one by this name.

Anita tries calling but the phone I sent switched off,Anita says call your manager,he says I’m the waiter,receptionist and manager here,Anguri asks why,he says because all Runaway,Anita says may be they Anurag and Meenal are out let’s stay here until we reach them ,give us a room,he says ok take it.

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking alcohol,Vibhu says Anu baby,where will I find you,god knows where you are,Tiwari says I’m on same plane where did Anguri go,she never Leaves me but now,and it’s like two thunders have fallen on me Anguri and bhabhiji both have left,Vibhu asks did you say something,Tiwari says I’m broken,let’s say bhabhiji can leave you but,Vibhu says just explain why will she,Tiwari says you are jobless and Anita bhabhiji always complains about it but Anguri I never give her a chance too,Vibhu says it’s a misunderstanding she is tired of you,Tiwari asks how do you know,Vibhu says I have seen it in her eyes,her eyes shout out the toruble,toward says shame on you peeping into other men wives instead look into bhabhijis thirsty eyes,Vibhu says excuse me.

Tiwari says I meant her eyes are thirst for her husbands love,Vibhu says I love Anu a lot,I have even become a dog for her,Tiwari says this is why she left,women needs a good husband and not a dog.vibhu says and baby baby come back,Tiwari says Anguri darling come back and get bhabhiji along with you.
A man with lantern walks into the hotel. Anguri says anitaji I find this pace very weird,Anita says it’s a new place it happens and hilly region hotels are like this don’t worry soon you shall start enjoying ,Anguri says but there’s no one in this ghost house except us,Anita says its guest house,and when you will meet Anurag and Meenal you will be very happy,they are so romantic ,looks like they are on a walk or something when they will be back we will have fun together.

Anguri says but one thing is worrying me how must be laddu key bhaiya managing,Anita’s says Vibhu and tiwraiji I know they surely are drinking,Anguri says but at least let’s call them,Anita says ok. Vibhu keeps repeating and baby,Tiwari is snoring,Vibhu gets a call,he says look my baby is calling,and baby where are you baby, I’m so worried for you,I haven’t eaten anything haven’t drank water,I’m so worried,Anita asks what about alcohol,Vibhu says forget that, I’m missing you so much where are you,Tiwari says ask is Anguri with her,Vibhu says baby,Tiwari says give me the phone,and starts crying bhabhiji,Vibhu slaps him and says no one is dead,Tiwari says bhabhiji why did you go I mean Anguri left why did she go,Anita says ok talk to her,and says Anguriji look they are back on track.

Anguri asks how are you,Tiwari says why did you leave me,Anguri says sorry,Vibhu takes call and I missed you and where are you,Anguri says Anita will tell you,Anita says if you are missing me let me tell you,I’m near masoorie at gumnam guest house, it’s cosy and nice,Anguri sees a beheaded man with lantern behind her and screams.vibhu says hello baby say something,Tiwari asks what happened,Vibhu says I heard bhabhiji scream,Tiwari takes call and says Anu Anu,Vibhu says why are you calling her Anu,have you lost it,Tiwari says no one on call,Vibhu says they are in big problem,bhabhiji scream very loudly,Tiwari starts crying,Vibhu says shut up,no one is dead that you crying this way,Tiwari stops crying.

Vibhu says these ladies made me mad,I’m so frustrated and makes himself a drink.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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