Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and happu singh. Happu singh has a female dog. He brings it and the dog jankidas suddenly falls in love with happu singhs b*t*h. Vibhu says that just look at this jankidas and this dog fell in love in just one look. Happu says what to do and even they have hearts. Vibhu says just see what fun happens now and he will attack Tiwari if he comes out. Happu says what? Tiwari comes out from anitas house in anitas saree, happu says why is anita walking like a man. Vibhu tells that’s Tiwari, he leaves the dog. Jankidas runs and attacks Tiwari, he removes tiwaris saree and runs with it. Anguri sees this from door and says oh my god Tiwari has no clothes on, she calls Tiwari to come in quick. Tiwari goes home running and anguri and he close the door. Happu says that was

fun but why did u leave the dog to attack Tiwari? Vibhu says it only ran away. He then thinks that Tiwari went home and now its tough to get him out.
At home vibhu thinks how to get that Tiwari out so that even he can spend sometime with anguri. He gets an idea and goes in balcony where Tiwari is standing and scolding the dog jankidas. He tells tiwari that he will catch hold of the dog and he can go to his shop, anguri comes. Tiwari says I don’t believe you and you will leave it. Vibhu says no trust me I will hold it and you can go and it wont do anything. Tiwari says okay I will come, anguri say don’t take the risk but Tiwari goes. Vibhu there says to dog that please stand for a little while and let Tiwari go and when he comes back then don’t let hi go home, Tiwari comes out as vibhu is holding the dog, suddenly dog punces on Tiwari and Tiwari jumps from wall and goes home saying vibhu liar. Vibhu says what a useless dog and now Tiwari wont believe me and I have to do something about this dog and sell him and if he goes Tiwari will go to shop everyday and I will meet anguri. He goes at tea stall and happu is there injured. He tells happu to help him and give him his female dog, happu says what will I give and it ran away and see what it did to me and I cant help you, happu gets up and goes. The man who sold the dog to vibhu comes and asks for tea, vibhu says you are the same man right who sold me that dog? Man says no and vibhu picks him by collar and says yes you are and what a dog you gave me and it doesn’t listen to anyone and take it back. The man says no, vibhu says please and begs in front of him. The man says okay I will take it but you have to give me 2500rs. Vibhu says okay lets go, he takes him to the street in front of the house and hands him the dog, vibhu goes in to take cash and brings 500 out, the man is telling jankidas that now its time to fool someone else. Vibhu gives that man 500rs and says now take this as I picked it somehow from my wife’s purse and take it otherwise you wont get anything. Man says okay and vibhu goes. Tiwari comes out and tells that man that why is the dog behind him and what did he do? The dog barks and man tells he is saying that vibhu showed him his pic and said you spoke bad about my mom so he is running behind him to bite him. Tiwari says what? Man says yes its that type of a dog. Tiwari says okay give me that dog. At night vibhu comes out and jankidas attacks him, he says what happened? Tiwari tells I showed him your pic, dog charges towards vibhu and chases him. Episode ends.
In the morning anguri is doing gods aarti, Tiwari gets a phone and he says no he is not majnu and his Laila is someone else and he loves her and this is the wrong number. Tiwari keeps the phone. Anguri thinks Tiwari is such a good man and so great and he doesn’t look at any other woman than me and he said that I am the only one he loves. Anguir goes to Tiwari and tells you are s great and I am proud to say that you are my husband, Tiwari says what happened? Anguri says she heard him talk on the phone and she knows he doesn’t look at any other woman than her and she wants to do his aarti as his character is good and greater than that of vibhu. Tiwari says that I cant deny. Anguri does tiwaris aarti. Vibhu outside listens to everything and says that anguri compared this useless man to me and I will show her what this tiwaris character is,

Precap: prem tells vibhu and Tiwari to come as he has a party and has kept concert and they will have fun. Vibhu says to himself that he will trap Tiwari and make his fake photos and show to anguri. There tilu shows Tiwari some photos which after seeing Tiwari is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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