Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari leaves from anitas place and then he comes out of gate and says tat me ,bhabiji and pakodas wat a wonderful view it will be and he imagines tat they r siting in a garden and he is feeding anita and then anita feeds him back and then saxena pours hot water on tiwari and he stops imagining and asks saxena tat y did he pour hot water on him and saxena says tat u fainted here standing and so I thought of bringing u back in reality and tiwari asks y hot water and saxena says tat even vibhuti fainted and when I pour cold water on him he said tat he has allergy so I poured hot water on u and then tiwari slaps him and says tat go and pour it on vibhuti and saxena says I like it
Tiwari then goes home he sees anguri working in kitchen and he thinks tat some how he

has to make anguri go away from the kitchen or else if she sees me doing this she will start asking questions and then he goes and talks to anguri tat he really feels bad tat she cooks food for him and he doesnot help her while vibhuti cooks for anita does not let her enter kitchen also so I thought of helping u and then anguri asks him r u ok and he says yes and then anguri says I m feeling very emotional and then tiwari asks anguri to go and rest in room and anguri while leaving tells cut onions small and chillies long and tiwari says tat I m only going to help u not cook for u and then anguri smiles and goes upstairs and tiwari in his mind says tat I will prepare the masala for pakodas and ladu hears it and asks for whom r u making pakodas and tiwari lies for no one I m helping ur bhabhi and then ladu says tat wat will happen if I tell ama tat u r making pakodas for someone and tiwari says tat I saw new pair of chappals for u and ladu says last time u bought some cheap quality chappals and then tiwari says promise I will buy it for u and then ladu says I will leave and asks by the way for whom r u cooking pakodas and then tiwari says tat I m doing it for anguri ur bhabhi and then ladu leaves and tiwari prepares masala for pakodas
Vibhuti is wandering in gallery waiting for rains to come he then decides to call the weather forecast to know tat when the rains will come and then he asks when will rains arrive and the man on other side says y u want rains go and cook pakodas and vibhuti gets angry and says u cook pakodas and the man says I m cooking and vibhuti asks who r u and he says tat I m Chhenu halwai and vibhuti tells him atleast tell tat its wrong number and hungs up he then calls to weather forecast and then asks when will rains arrive the forecasat employee replies tat there are no rains soon and vibhuti says oh thank u for telling as when u people tell there are no rains they arrive and he hungs up and says lets practice dancing so tat I can do it nicely with bhabhiji and he plays music and starts dancing and anita comes behind and asks wat r u doing and vibhuti says I m dancing as rains are coming and anita says u are allergic to water u start sneezing and vibhuti lies tat anything for u and then anita says lets practice and they both start dancing and rains arrive and then vibhuti runs to go and meet anguri bhabhi while tiwari also comes out with the pakoda batter and hides it and then both come face to face and they ask each other where are they going in rains and both reply to each other just like tat and go in opposite directions and then after some time tiwari goes to meet anita and vibhuti goes to meet anguri
Tiwari calls anita and says her tat lets go in kitchen I have brought batter and I will prepare pakodas for u as rain is also there as u like it and vibhuti goes and sees tat anguri is meditating and tells her leave it and lets go dance in rains while anguri indicates wait and vibhuti waits to finish her meditation while tiwari in kitchen along with anita asks her where is oil and anita gives him and he tries to light the gas but it doesnot lit and anita says let me see and when it does not lits then she says tat gas is over vibhuti has forgot to book the gas and then tiwari says I will bring it from saxena and he goes and brings it while upstairs vibhuti is asking anguri to do it later but she gives an angry look and vibhuti waits then and tiwari brings the gas and when he is about to lit the gas the rains stop and anita says let it be now its of no use now as rains have stop and she leaves while anguri finishes her meditation and says wow so nice its raining and then vibhuti says lets go and anguri says tat I will have to take bath and then come and until she comes out rain stops and then anguri says rain stopped now I will go as its no use now and then vibhuti and tiwari both come out of the house and they see each other coming out from each others house

Vibhuti thinks tat weather tiwari got to know tat I was at his place to dance in rain with bhabhiji and at the same time tiwari also thinks tat weather vibhuti didn’t get to know tat I was at his place to cook pakodas for anita bhabhi and then they smile at each other and vibhuti says tat this rains I tell u they just come and go and tiwari also says yes this time rains come like toilet and go in just seconds and then tiwari asks vibhuti wat were u doing at my place and vibhuti lies tat he was there to teach anguri bhabhi how to cook pakodas as she wanted to make it for u and tiwari says pakodas and vibhuti asks y did u said pakodas like tat and tiwari says nothing and thinks tat I m cooking pakodas for anita and anguri wants to cook pakodas for me and then vibhuti asks wat happen wat r u thinking and asks wat were u doing at my home and tiwari says tat we were discussing about u as u are jobless and I suggested anita bhabhi tat u should give him a stall of vegetables and then he will sell vegetables in every colony and vibhuti says no need of ur advice thank you and both leave

Vibhuti is dancing with anita and he sees tat rains are coming and he leaves her and runs to dance with anguri while tiwari comes out of bathroom while he was taking bath with towel around his waist and soap around body and as he sees tat rains are coming he decides tat I have to go and cook pakodas for bhabhiji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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