Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita saying that lets start the new session. Anguri says that tiwari is forcing anita to fill his hookah and take a shot too. But anita servant goes away and says i will not fill it up. Vibhu says why are u forcing my wife? Anita looks at tiwari disgustingly and tiwari says what can i do people at that time were really moody and needed entertainment. Dad says i cant believe you were forcing a meagre servant. Anita says please dont say that word. Dad says ok. Tiwari tells dad that he knows what type of man he is and dont teach him. Dad says oh what do u know about me? Tiwari says i know and anguri told me that once you were caught with a maid in the fields. Dad says i was just caught with her cutting grass. Tiwari says is that so? Anita says everyone please shut

up and dont fight and then says todays session is over we will do next tomorrow. Anguri comes back to present. Saxena comes in with grapes. Anguri sees that and says mangilal and faints. Then saxena says i like it and goes. Anita says did u people notice this that anguri fainted always when she sees garpes and there must be a connection between her the grapes and mangilal. Vibhu and tiwari say yes they have noticed this. Anita says they will get to know about that truth in tomorrows session.
In frontyard vibhu is speaking with prem and he tells him that are going to unravel mangilal grapes and anguris mystery. Then vibhu tells prem dont insult him and says this is too much and then keeps the phone. Tiwari comes and taunts him and says how are you mangilal? Vibhu says shut up and what is this? Tiwari says you are a jobless now and wherw my servant last time too and laughs. Vibhu says shut up and you are uselss and have just a garmenst shop. Tiwari laughs and aays agaib mangilal. Then vibhu feels annoyed and insulted and says shut up. Dad comes. Vibhu says see what tiwari is doing. Dad slaps tiwari. Tiwari goes. Vibhu hugs dad and says good done. Dad says that all is ok but why did you see anguri when she was bathing in the river. Dad keeps on asking and says tell me. Vibhu is unable to answer. Then vibhu tells do u want a drink? Dad says ok. Dad goes in. Vibhu says this man is a drunkard fool.
At home Anguri is speaking with mom. She tells mom that she is sad because she went in last lifetime and tiwari had married her and she was his 5th wife. Mom says if she was there then she would have hit that tiwari. Mom says give phone to tiwari. Anguri says he has gone out. Mom says give it to him when he comes back and she will teach him a lesson. Mom keeps phone. A rope comes down. She says to herself that kite flying day is over and what is this and she pulls it. Gupta ji falls down and mom runs in. Tiwari comes home. Anguri says i wont talk to u. Tiwari says what happened? Anguri says she was his 5th wife. Tiwari says at that time entertainment meant marrying and keeping many wives so what can he do in that? Anguri says not only that he also kept staring anita with bad intentions. Tiwari says no he did not. Anguri says she has seen it and wont talk to him and goes. Tiwari says what the hell she is scolding him for last lifetime.
A new session starts. Anita tells anguri what is happening. Anguri is happy and says today is her birthday and she has worn a new dress and is sitting with tiwari on the couch. Then anguri suddenly shouts. Anita asks what happened? Anguri says this servant mangilal vibhu is giving everyone alcohol and is forcing me too but i denied. Tiwari and anita look at vibhu. Vibhu says i was just a servant. Then anguri says oh my god and even happu singh is there. His name is tommy jackson and is the viceroy. Tiwari says what the hell and even this man was with us in the last lifetime. Then anguri says happu singh is inviting tiwari for a cricket match which is happening between them(english men) and the indian poor people servants like mangilal. Tiwari says why? Happu singh tells because they dont want to pay the tax and if they(indian poor villagers) win then they will not give tax and if they(englishmen) win then indians will pay double tax. Servant mangilal says we will not pay tax and instead play. Tiwari the landlord says shut up. Then happu singh gets up and tells something to tuwari in the ears. Anguri says to anita that tiwari claps 2 times and anita servant had come and is dancing in front of everyone. Anita is angry and looks at tiwari. Vibhu says you made my wife dance. Then anguri tells that anita is dancing and hapou singh is forcing on her and pulling her. Vibhu says that what the hell and i will kill that happu singh. Anita says shut up. Anguri then tells that tiwari is also forcing on anita. Anita and vibhu look at tiwari. Tiwari says i will hit you. Anita says shut up to vibhu and you also saw anguri bathing in river.

Precap: anita asks tiwari in present day that what did u do with me in the room in last lifetime. Vibhu comes running and holds tiwari by neck and says what did u do with my wife? Anita asks anguri as she is in last lifetime and asks what are you doing? Anguri says she is now sleeping in her room peacefully.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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