Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update anguris stardom

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu and anguri at gappi da studio and says we both as vibhuri will be very famous combo like Romeo Juliet,gappi da says first begin recording,anguri says I’m very nervous,Vibhu says don’t be all will be fine.

Vibhu and anguri recording song,happu and boys together play the radio and hear anguri and vibhus song,they don’t like it at all,happu says what kind of song is it,tikka says disgusting,anguri prays god I worked really hard I pray my song is loved by all and if don’t please give me strength to bear the pain,vibhu walks in and says your prayers are heard people loved our song,and we are the new stars.anguri says I would like to see it,Vibhu says come with me,vjbhu and anguri come out,all push Vibhu away and start clicking pictures with anguri and cheering for her.


says god did I sing so well,tilu says you are a star,Vibhu says I was with her but no one is cheering me,malkhan says you broke anu bhabhi record,happu says no not yet that song is other level and hers is other,anu Walks to anguri with Tiwari,crowd pushes Tiwari away.anu says great job,Tiwari says congratulations,anguri says thank you tikka malkhan.

Reporter says we have two neighbours and stars anguri and Anita,Anita says I’m very happy for her,reporter says she is your neighbour and competition,anguri says no ways she isn’t my competition we both are equally good,reporter asks anguri who will you give credits to,anguri takes everyone’s name except Tiwari and Vibhu.

Vibhu says look tiwari we both are as ignored as this dog.tiwari and Vibhu having drinks,Vibhu says did you notice these two betrayed us so bad,Tiwari says Anita bhabhi already hates you but anguri hates me because of you,Vibhu says please explain,tiwrai says you made her a singer,Vibhu says she got stardom and me nothing,Tiwari says you deserve that but me she didn’t even mention me,Vibhu says I worked so hard to get bhabhi at this point and anu she doesn’t even notice me like I don’t exist.

Anu and anguri say what’s wrong with you two why aren’t you home and why drink,Vibhu says we don’t fit in your stardom,Tiwari says he is right,vibhu says anu I will go far away,anu says you won’t go anywhere,anguri says i won’t let you go anywhere Tiwari,anu says we have decided to quit,tiwari says we have no complains,anu says but I do,we aren’t paid and my grooming classes are suffering,anguri says i miss my kitchen.

Tiwari says I love you anguri,Vibhu says anu I love you.

Anguri singing song,anu Walks to her singing song,both start singing together and play Antakshari.anu says we may have to leave the singing profession but let’s do a thing we will keep singing,and this singing made our husbands learn a good lesson,anguri says you are so right,anu asks why so many woollens and they don’t look old,anguri says yes because I washed with Godrej liquid easy,and Vibhu told me about it,anu says that’s smart of him,anguri says let me get you tea and pakodas

At tea stall,saxena walks with a chair,and asks so what are you upto boys,boys say gambling,saxena says do something good,go earn,tikka says get us a job then,saxena says yes mental hospital had many vacancies,tikka says sorry we aren’t interested,Tiwari walks to them and asks so what’s up boys and Saxena what is this chair.

Saxena says I bought this chair from Bangladesh museum it’s 60 year old and 50000 worth,tiwrai says you are a mad,saxena says my snakes lizards love vintage and it’s a historical chair,another important thing is a famous Bengali film director made super duper hit films and now I will do the same thing,public will go mad,and leaves with his chair.

Tilu says Tiwari Sir give me 1000 I want to have food,Tiwari slaps him and leaves,tilu says I will destroy you.

Pre cap: tiwrai to Anita,I’m producing and directing a film and you will be my lead.
Tiwari asks saxena to write a romantic script for him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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