Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu saying where are you tiwari? There tiwari says vibhu is very eager to go to nainital but i have added jamalgota in the peanuts so he will not go to nainital but me anita and anguri will go. Tiwari goes and sits. Vibhu says you bought peanuts too? Tiwari says you were arranging beer so i bought peanuts. Vibhu says okay i have too. Tiwari says okay you eat mine and i will eat yours. They eat each others peanuts. Happu comes and says so you are eating peanuts and drinking? Tiwari and vibhu say come join us. Happu says not now i am on duty but we will have it after duty. Tiwari says you are coming to nainital too i heard. Tika malkhan come and say yes he is coming and not his kids and if they happen to go missing he will make a mess then. Happu say shut up. Tika

says bring warm clothes. Tiwari says okay and says get lost now, they go. Happu says okay i will also go tomorrow we have to board our bus for nainital. Happu goes. Vibhu is eating and his stomach gets bad and starts making noise, tiwari smiles and thinks yes he wont come tomorrow. Tiwaris stomach gets bad too, vibhu looks at him and thinks yes he wont come tomorrow. They say bye to each other and then run into their houses.
Next day morning anguri ladoo and masterji are waiting and ladoo says where is tiwari? Anguri says yes tiwari come fast, tiwari from room says yes i will come. Masterji says he doesnt have manners. Tiwari comes and anguri says come on lets go and the minivan is waiting outside. Tiwari says yes i am coming, his stomach gets bad again and tiwari runs in his room, thereankta is waiting for vibhu and he comes, she says how much time? Vibhu says i wad swtiching off lights, vibhus stomach gets bad and he runs up and says i forgot to switch off tap.
Outside, minivan is waiting and tika and malkhan are calling tiwari and vibhu and say come fast. Saxena and doctor come. Doctor says saxena why are you in sleeveless? Saxena says i want to freeze in the snow and i like it, they both sit in van. Anita comes and anguri ladoo and masterji come too. Anita says where is this vibhu and he is always going in room. Anguri says same with tiwari, happu singh and prem come. Happu says hello anita, anita says hello and you are wearing nice clothes today. Happu says yes and anita says go an sitnow, happu goes. His stomach gets stuck in the door of minivan, malkhan helps, anita and anguri laugh, happu gets in. Prem comes snd sayd vibhu come fast and he goes and sits too. Tiwari comes, anita says how much time, tiwari says i forgot to lock the locker. Vibhu comes too. Everyone sit. Tiwari and vibhu look at each other as their stomach is bad. They sit in van, and it starts, they suddenly get out and run in their houses as their stomach is bad.
At the station, in the train. Tika and malkhan sit in their seats. Happu comes and says where is my seat? Tika says in other coach. Happu says i will sit here only. Prem comes with ladoo . they sit there too and tika says we will give seats later when train starts. Anita and anguri come and sit there and tika says we will adjust later. Gulfam kali and masterji come and sit there too. Saxena comes and sits on happu laps and says i like it. Anita and anguri say where are tiwari and vibhu?
At the station toiltes, vibhu and tiwari come out. Tiwari thinks what has happened in this stomach, vibhu thinks too. Vibhu tells tiwari that what happened you dont look good. Tiwari says i am fine but you dont look good. Vibhu says ntohing just had gas. A peanut seller comes and says take my peanuts and you will feel good and stomach will start dancing. Vibhu and tiwari look at each other. Anita anguri saxena tika malkhan and happu come out of train and say where aretiwari and vibhu and train is going?
There tiwari and vibhu say we dont want peanuts go. Suddenly train horn is blown, vibhu says was that our trains horn? Tiwari says yes, then they run.

Precap: tiwari and vibhu come running behind their train entry door and they call anguri and anita. Anita and anguri come at doorstep and extend their hands to take vibhu and tiwari in. A song tijhe dekh to ye jana sanam plays.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    The last three episodes including last nights, have fallen below par. The shows were on the verge of boring and did not contain that comedic essence. Please Mr writers, do not allow the show to become mundane or boring.

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