Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita asks Tiwari where’s Tilu,Tiwari says he was lying here God knows,anyways sit will get u tea,Tilu comes dancing in,n says hello bhabhiji,Anita says u had feats right,Tiwari says yes he was lying right here,Tilu says no I was out to have a PAN,Anita says why did u lie to me,I left all my work n here , I don’t understand ur character,Tiwari slaps Tilu n says stop bhabhiji.

Gulfamkali says hapu Singhji plz leave me,I’m so poor,hapu Singh says u poor what nonsense,u are under arrest, Gulfamkali says arrest me n take me ur home,hapu Singh says shut up u threw away me from ur dance bar, Gulfamkali I cried so much that day for behaving like that,I’m so sorry,hapu Singh says come with me,Gulfamkali says sure take me n my love hapu Singh,Vibhuti says stop this cheapness

Anu will be here anytime take her n leave,hapu Singh says u shut up look at her she is so much into me,n she will no dance for me,Gulfamkali says sure n performs mujra for hapu Singh,Vibhuti stands helpless expecting Anita not to see this.

Hapu Singh joins Gulfamkali dance,Anita enters with Tiwari, n says what’s happening here,Vibhuti says this is all hapu Singh I did nothing I swear,hapu Singh says no no this Vibhutiji got me here,Vibhuti says Anu I brought him here to arrest Gulfamkali ask tiwariji,Anita says shut up Vibhu,she is anarkali free maid,I will look after u later,hapu Singh u call commissioner I want to talk to him,u shd be mujra organiser,hapu Singh says sorry plz don’t,Anita says go get lost,Gulfamkali n hapu Singh leaves n Tiwari too.

Anita says Vibhu close the door,I have to take h u lesson,Vibhuti closes the door.

Next day at tea stall,Saxena ma I’m missing u plz come back,I will not eat till u cone,Vibhuti says ur ma is no more how will she come back,Saxena says ur donkey,Vibhuti slaps him,Saxena says I was calling my anguri bhabhi ma,Vibhuti says even I’m missing her,Saxena says I want my ma,Vibhuti says ur Anita ma is here too,Saxena says she is my Devaki ma but I’m missing my anguri ma I’m missing her food n food at ur house is no les Stan poison,Vibhuti says go ask tiwariji call bhabhiji,pressurise him.

Vibhuti at tiwaris kitchen missing anguri ,n says bhabhiji plz come soon I can’t stay without u anymore,look at all ur utensils they are missing u too plz plz come back,Pelu watching Vibhuti,Vibhuti says Pelu look at this kitchen so silent, How can tiwariji not miss bhabhiji,Tiwari singing song walks to Vibhutis house ,Vibhuti sees this n says he has his bhabhiji but I don’t,Pelu gives one note to him,Vibhuti reads it,his wife is not in house why are u so upset,Vibhuti says u have a point.

Anita says yes tiwariji u here,Tiwari says u called I came,Anita says I didn’t,Vibhuti walks in n says get lost,Tiwari says what’s wrong with him,Vibhuti says Anu ask him to leave,Anita says why so,Vibhuti says he is a cheap man,he has left his wife alone n look he is enjoying here n watches Mujra n has drinks,Anita says such a loose character,Tiwari says no he is lying I miss anguri too,n why are u so worried abt anguri,Vibhuti says what do U mean,u liar,Tiwari says I didn’t say anything yet,Anita says what is it that made Vibhu so nervous.

Tiwari says bhabhiji he comes to our house n keeps eating all the masala food anguri cooks,Vibhuti thinks in 3 days I promise bhabhiji will be here.

Vibhuti walks to tiwaris house n meets Amaji,Amma asks what are u doing here,what u want,Vibhuti says my friend has a wife like anguriji n his wife isn’t home,n he has to sleep with his servant n problem is my friends servant has charged case of molestation on my friend,Amma says what will I do, Vibhuti says my point is even Tiwari sleeps its Tilu so what if this case happens in ur house as well, u will be like no where,how shameful it will be for u,n so I request u n order as well plz get bhabhiji back as soon as possible,Amma slaps him,Vibhuti says bye aunty.

Vibhuti comes out n says fatty aunty slapped so hard.

Pre cap:Saxena says I will jump from balcony,get my anguri ma,Tiwari says she will come after 2-3 months,Saxena says call her right now or I will jump.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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