Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti sees a lizard and shouts and he falls on manmohan and anita and anguri see both of them and are shocked anita then asks vibhuti u lied to me of the party and then anita asks manmohan tat he was supposed to be out for one month and she looks at anguri and she also feels it and comes in police with the vashikaran baba and the police then tells tat tiwari this baba tat u purchased the medicines of attraction and manmohan feel a bit insulted as anguri and anita looks at tiwari in surprise
Next day vibhuti sees an advertising on television about a sapath gum the boy tells tat u can use this gum to join anything and vibhuti then decides to use it and while he was leaving anita then stops him and asks him tat where is he going and he tells tat she is going to

buy gum to join his shoes and anita asks him to take her sandal to mend it and he says he does all her work always even being a husband people think tat the curtains are closed and we are very romantic but they don’t know the truth tat I massage ur legs and anita then says tat so is tat a problem its written in the books tat a husband has to serve his wife and vibhuti then corrects her tat u have wrong the the right thing in the book is tat a wife should always serve her husband and anita gives him a look and he then says tat where is ur sandal and she tells him tat it is in the 2nd drawer the silver one and vibhuti then says tat he loves her and she too replies tat she loves him too
Vibhuti applies the sapath gum to his hand and goes to anguris house and calls her she comes and vibhuti puts his hand forward to shake hand saying hi but anguri just says hi keeping her hands behind and vibhuti then says tat he just met tiwari he told him tat u really cook very delicious food and then wishes congratulations but anguri says tat she cant shake hand as her hands are dirty and vibhuti says tat he will wait until u wash ur hands and when she goes come tiwari and shakes hand and says tat u should have no problem shaking hand with me as they are clean and vibhuti gets shocked and angry while tiwari says now leave my hand and let me go but he could not take his hand off and vibhuti tells tat there was gum in his hand and this wont separate our hands and then take tiwari to the man from who he purchased the gum.
Anita is seen doing yoga and anguri sees her and when anita sees anguri she gets shocked and anguri asks wat was she doing and anita tells tat this is surya namaskar and u should also do it as it helps us be fit and then anguri says ok she came here to ask that where is vibhuti and manmohan as she could not find them and anita says tat they must have gone out and comes in panditji and tells tat today night is the very nice moment as on this day at night 12 am if husband and wife sleep together on bed and read some Sanskrit shloks then u will be together for years and gives the shloks written on a small paper to anguri and anita and panditji then says tat anita ii think u don’t belive in this and anita says not actually but this idea is very romantic and I will try it
Vibhuti and manmohan reach the shop and manmohan says tat this is the same man u was selling the lady finger and vibhuti says wat u want to do with tat and they tell him tat there hands have been sticked due to the gum then man says there is no solution to separate and vibhuti then requests him to pls do something he then says tat he is even stuck and they ask where the guy tells tat he went for toilet and the Yadav boys applied gum on his chair even he is stuck here from two days and then manmohan asks him how r u doing toilet then he says tat he has done a hole in chair and manmohan bends to see it and vibhuti says tat r u nuts and take him home
Manmohan and vibhuti goes to manmohans house and they start fighting and anguri asks y r u fighting and manmohan tells tat due to this gum they are stucked and manmohan then says tat he wants to take bath now and vibhuti says no but anguri then requests him to please let him take bath as he takes in 3 days once and vibhuti then says tat u r really stinking a lot and then manmohan drags him to the bathroom and vibhuti stops him and says u cant take bath as how will u change cloths and tiwari says tat he will tear his cloths but he will take a bath and vibhuti then says tat how r u gonna wear co\lothes and then tiwari says tat ok and anguri comes in and asks y haven’t u had bath and he tells that he couldn’t as how will he wear clothes and then asks anguri to bring the deodorant and anguri brings it and vibhuti takes it and applies it and later he realizes and manmohan says tat it’s the cockroach spray and anguri says sorry to vibhuti and he says its ok
Anita and anguri are sitting along with manmohan and vibhuti then anita asks vibhuti tat y did u applied gum to ur hand and he says tat he was using it to stick chappals and then she says tat u must have atleast told manmohan about the gum and anguri also says the same and vibhuti listens it quietly and manmohan says its all because of vibhuti and then vibhuti says to manmohan tat now u r going to face tension as he is getting pressure and he requires Indian toilets and drags him towards toilet and anita looks at both of them shocked and surprised and anguri innocently asks tat wat will vibhuti do to manmohan and anita gives her a look too.

Anita,vibhuti ,anguri and manmohan are sleeping on one bed and reading the Sanskrit slogans given to them by panditji and anita gets surprised by this and when manmohan reads it he says tat this is nonsense Sanskrit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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