Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anita goes to tiwaris place and says since today its rakhi i am here to tie u rakhi, tiwari says i wont let that happen, anita slaps him and says sit down and ties him rakhi, tiwari realises he was dreaming, anguri asks what happened, tiwari says thank god it was just a dream, and where were u, anguri says i was at anitajis place, tiwari says oh what are her plans, anguri says she is coming for rakhi, tiwari says oh god, saxena comes with rakhi and says here are ur rakhis, anguri says thanku sit have breakfast and go.
Happu singh n anita searching for vibhuti, anita asks why are u searching him in house, happu singh says bcoz i am very sure he is here, happu singh starts searching for vibhuti and says anitaji get me tea, anita says no i wont, happu singh

says never mind and starts searching for vibhuti and finds him in fridge, vibhuti bribes him to keep quite, happu singh tells anita that i will search vibhuti outside, anita says okay come lets find him.anita says i am so worried were he must be,happu singh says don’t worry he will come back n let me tell u he is hiding in fridge.
Tiwari acts as if he is suffering from fetes, saxena says to anguri go get a smelly socks, anguri gets it, ladu says i think bhaiya is acting, anguri says u keep quite, saxena puts smelly socks on tiwaris face but tiwari doesn’t wake up, doctor comes to check tiwari, tiwari thinks when will these people leave me alone, anguri says plz check tiwarji, doctor says did u demand him for something expensive, anguri says no i didn’t, doctor says i will give injection and he will be fine, tiwari wakes up n says i am fine, doctor says but for precaution i will inject him, tiwari takes injection and gives it to saxena.
Anita opens fridge n sees vibhu, vibhuti says i wanted winters so i sat here for coldness, anita says does that mean when u want summer u will sit on stove, what all is this vibhu, vibhuti says anu actually lets go on an outing, anita says go get ready anguriji has called us, vibhuti says baby wear ur pink saree u look awesome, vibhuti says i guess i have to go to tiwaris house.
Anita n vibhuti go to tiwaris house, anguri says vibhuti why are ur hands in pockets, vibhuti says i am having an allergy so, anita says today is rakhi right tiwariji, tiwari says i dont believe in this rakhi bcoz i am cursed that if some girl ties me rakhi, her husband will face constipation, anguri says oh u never told me abt it and vibhutiji don’t u miss ur sister, vibhuti says no i don’t i am a bad brother, anguri says oh, anita says anguriji lets start, anita and anguri ask tiwari n vibhuti to sit, tiwari n vibhuti sit dishearted, and take their hands forward, malkha n tila come, to tie rakhi,, anita n anguri tie them rakhi n vibhuti n tiwari are surprised n confused.
Anita says tiwariji did u like the surprise, vibhuti says didn’t u find anyone else, anita says don’t u see these two always wander so now they have duties to take care of their sisters, anguri says so how was the surprise, tiwari and vibhuti share a laughter of joy.
Anguri singing in garden, vibhuti says bhabhiji how are u, anguri says good very good, vibhuti says i bought u some jalebis, anguri says i cant eat.vibhuti asks but why, anguri says i am fasting so cant eat till i see moon and its for ladu bhaiya long life, vibhuti says why do u do this u don’t have to, anguri says i like so, vibhuti says ok these jalebis wait for u, vibhuti says n i will also keep fast too.

Precap:vibhuti realises he isn’t able to hear.
Anguri says to vibhutiji i heard u are finding job(nokri), vibhuti says no i have one girl(chokri).

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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