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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita reading a article in a magazine stating how men change after marriage. She says that her vibhu is not like that. She calls vibhuti 3 times loudly n gets irritated to the fact that he is not responding to her calls. Vibhuti says that he has not changed. He convinces anita and romances with her. Tiwari comes in and gets jealous and angry seeing their romance. He calls out to anita and vibhuti hita him with pillow saying how dare he interrupt their romance. Anita also says to him that he should have knocked n come in. She says to vibhuti not to get pissed off n lets go upstairs. They both go upstairs romancing. Tiwari comes out of the house all irritated. Saxena comes and touches tiwari and gives him current. Tiwari asks what was this. Saxena tells him that

its a chip which gives a current to a person. Tiwari says that he wants the chip. He thinks that he will stop vibhuti’s romance with anita. Saxena says this is his daily food. Tiwari says that he will give him money. At night tiwari goes to anita’s room n there he places the current chip in vibhuti’s watch. There while placing it he falls on vibhuti and he kisses him thinking anita. He places the chip n thinks of checking it once. He gets a electric shock. Next morning, vibhuti goes to tiwari’s house n calls for angoori but laddu comes n asks why is he calling angoori. He says he has work and call her. Vibhuti thinks that laddu is very mischeivious and naughty and has gone on tiwari. Laddu says he is his brother so he will be gone on tiwari only. Vibhuti shouts at him n was going to slap him but angoori comes n says how can he shout at laddu. Whoever shouts at laddu or hits him she hates him. He then touches laddu to pull his cheeks and laddu gets a electric shock. Laddu asks him why is he giving him shock. He again touches him n says that he cant give h shock but laddu again gets shock. Vibhuti asks angoori to touch him n says he cant give shock. Laddu asks her not to. Tiwari says u want to give shock to my wife. Vibhuti touches tiwari n angoori n laddu get shock as they all stand n touch each other. Vibhuti leaves tiwari. Angoori n laddu run to get themselves saved from the shock. Vibhuti thinks lets try once on tiwari n he gets shock again. Anita is reading the same magazine again n she tries one tip from that. She gets romantic with vibhuti n asks him to hug her. He tries avoiding it so that she doesnt get shock. But she gets irritated n angry that he doesnt love her. He hugs her n she gets shock. Tiwari comes running n asks why did she shout. She tells him what had happened. Tiwari then says that there is one treatment to this and for that she should stay away from vibhuti as his grandfather also got shock so his grandmother stayed away from him for 25 years. Vibhuti gives shock to tiwari for his idea n in order to shoo him away from the house. Tiwari runs away. Vibhuti tries to go to anita but she asks him to stay away from her. The screen freezes on vibhuti’s face

Precap:- Angoori tells vibhuti that light has gone n she wants to use the mixer so he should put the plug in his mouth. He does that n the mixer starts. He gets surprised seeing this. Anita is about to fall n vibhuti holds her but she doesnt get shock. They both get happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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