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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Martha saying Martha with knife. Anita says woman don’t come in and I am a black belt in karate and don’t come ahead and I will bash you up. Anguri says yes I will hit u if u trouble Tiwari. Dr.abhay continues the story. Behind happu comes and puts he gun behind Martha and takes her in and says shut up or I will put all the lead in your head. Martha says wait I am a man and I am the cook of abhay and he wanted to make his novel Martha a hit so I had to do this. Anita says dr.abhay you are such a good writer but you are cheap. Happu says now I will teach him in the jail. Dr.abhay laughs and says Martha. Episode ends.
In the morning, anguri is in lawn. Vibhu comes and they greet each other. Anguri says I am good, vibhu says yes me too. As they talk to each other, anguris dad comes.

Anguri goes and hugs him and says I am very happy. Vibhu hugs dad and says after a longtime you have come and lets have a night? Dad says oh shut up and that’s bad. He says now don’t talk and I want to talk to anguri. Dad says so anguri I have a good news. Anguri says what? Dad says that your grandma who had been in coma for so many years has finally woken up. Anguri says wow that’s very good news. Dad says but your grandma wanted to do the rituals of your marriage herself and she thinks you are not yet married as you were young and not married when she went in coma. Anguri says so now what? Dad says you will have to marry again. Anguri says no I cant marry anyone else and I wont leave Tiwari. Dad says I know and don’t leave Tiwari but u will have to remarry Tiwari I front of grandma. Anguri says that’s okay but how to tell Tiwari? Vibhu says we will help. Anguri says okay
They go. At home vibhu and anguri call Tiwari. Tiwari comes and says you cant keep your joblessness to yourself? Vibhu says leave that. Anguri says yes and tells Tiwari that dad had come and her grandma has come out of coma. Tiwari says that’s nice. Anguri says listen but dad said she doesn’t know I am married and I have to marry you again. Tiwari says what? Anguri says yes. Vibhu says grandma will die if you wont marry her and you will be the reason for it. Tiwari says okay.
At home everyone is ready and vibhu and dad and grandma and anguri is ready as the new girl to meet her future husband. Vibhu tells grandma that your girl is good and just like you and is like your shadow. Grandma tells in dad ears something. Dad tells vibhu mom is saying that you are naughty and she likes naughty boys. Vibhu says thanks, dad says she asked where are groom side? Vibhu calls Tiwari and says where are you? and come fast and grandma is waiting. In some time, Tiwari and his mom come. Dad tells grandma this is the boy. They sit and mom tells grandma that he is my only boy. Grandma tells dad something. He in return says she says that’s nice and I have a test which he has to pass and then he will marry anguri. Tiwari says okay. Grandma says in dad’s ears. Dad says so how much have you studied and what degree you have? Tiwari says I have a MA degree. Dad says okay. Grandma tells again in ears. Dad says she is asking what is buoyant force? Tiwari is shocked. Vibhu knows the answer. Tiwari says we are here for a relation to be made and why this test? Dad says my mom was a physics chemistry and maths teacher in her time. Mom says Tiwari I told you study but you played with your undergarments. Vibhu gives the answer. Tiwari is angry. Grandma asks another question and what is Pythagoras theorem. Even this time vibhu answers. Tiwari is angry and feels ashamed. Again another question is asked and what is the Archimedes principle? Tiwari doesn’t know, even this time vibhu answers and laughs on Tiwari. Tiwari is angry. Tiwari then tells you ask me questions related to business and I will answer that. Dad tells this to grandma. She asks another question. What is the diminishing marginal utility and what are the 7 laws of peas? Tiwari is shocked and doesn’t know. Vibhu says he doesn’t know even 1 and laughs. He raises hands and says I know. Dad says that’s okay and we know you know everything. dad says the result is here and grandma has rejected you and she doesn’t like you at all and even your personality. Tiwari and his mom and anguri are shocked. Dad then says my mom says she thinks vibhu is perfect and he will marry anguri. Anguri screams and Tiwari and mom are shocked. Vibhu blushes continuously.

Precap: anita says wow you all are here. Grandma asks who is she? Dad is about to say when vibhu says she is my cousin sister. Anita is shocked. At the marriage, vibhu and anguri are marrying. Dad says to anita that my mom says that your brother is getting married so be happy as its brothers wdding and your brother will be happy if his sister dances at her brother’s wedding and enjoys her brother’s wedding totally. Dad repeats the word brother and anita says stop and I get it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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