Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti accused of theft

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu and Vibhu dance, and spend quality time. Tiwari and anguri playing silly games to pass time,anguri says I’m sleepy when will vibhu come,tiwari says some time more he May come here any time,a thief with face covered walks through window and about to return,Tiwari and anguri take him as Vibhu and force him in and hand him keys and ask him to rob and leave.

Confused thief walks to cupboard with keys,anguri says quickly I’m very tired and he has to go write complaint tomorrow morning,but you don’t worry relax,thief starts stealing expensive items,Tiwari and anguri remind him of things he missed,Tiwari says give me the keys now leave quickly,thief leaves.

Tiwari says now cmon let’s go to bed,it’s malkhan as thief and says these people are so stupid.

Anu wakes up

and sees Vibhu is sleep laughing and says how sweet he is dreaming of me,vibhu says bhabhiji come let’s play in snow,anu Wakes him up and says what nonsense is this,you were sleep talking,vibhu says so I was asking her to come to kitchen so I can learn baigan bharta for you,anu says liar you said let’s play in snow,Vibhu says yes because she was worried for her fridge and I was giving solution,so unfair I was dreaming about you,anu says forget that what about Manali,vibhu says of course we are going,vibhu thinks god I slept they must be waiting all night.

Happu walks in Tiwari house,Tiwari calls anguri,anguri says oh hello,happu says how come you two look normal even after theft,anguri says oh see we are robbed,anyways I cooked matri will you have some,happu says I’m here for complaint FIR but you giving no details,Tiwari says actually she cried all night and is in trance so this behaviour,anguri says yes I did and will you have matri with pickle,happu says she is so wired she lost all her jewellery but she is so normal.

Tiwari says I told you she is in trance and so this behaviour please take details,happu says so what were you doing during theft,anguri says awake,tiwari says sleeping,happu asks what nonsense is this,anguri says one eye open one eye closed I sleep this way so the answer,happu asks what time theft took place,anguri says at 12,happu says how do you know,anguri says I saw the watch when he left,tiwari says actually she woke up with some noise and we were robbed by then,vibhu walks in and says what is going on.anguri says I shall get you tea and leaves,vibhu says looks like they really are robbed.

Anguri goes to kitchen,vibhu through window asks what is going on,anguri says theft,you see he is reporting complaint,vibhu says you are so relaxed even after theft,wow that’s so appreciable,anguri says I didn’t get you,vibhu says look theft took place,anguri says yes all my Jewellery is gone,vibhu says but you are not stressed,anguri says why will I,I know you will return them,vibhu says I was sleeping with anu last night,I didn’t steal anything and explains her everything.

Anguri starts crying and runs out crying,and says go find the thief,all my jewellery is stolen,Tiwari says calm down,anguri says do anything but get my jewellery,swear on tiwari that you will get jewellery,Tiwari says why are you over reacting,happu says she isn’t and bhabhiji don’t worry I shall help you but I need,anguri says I get you and if you get my amaji necklace back I will reward you,happu says I shall find you your jewellery now give me matri,anguri says forget that go get jewellery.happu leaves.

Tiwari asks what’s wrong with you,anguri tells him it’s not vibhu,Vibhu walks in and says she is right and tells him whole scene, Tiwari says so,vibhu says I slept and when I woke up and came here I found out you guys are robbed,Tiwari says you are lying,vibhu says I’m not lying I was sleeping with anu,Tiwari says I don’t want details,just give me my jewellery stop this nonsense,anguri says he is right give us back our belongings,vibhu says do you take me culprit too,anguri says yes I do,those jewellery had my amajis necklace and I want it back,tiwari says you have 24hrs time or else I will tell happu singh the truth,leave now,anguri says yes get out.

Pre cap: anu tells Tiwari that she and vibhu are going Manali on vibhus expense that too,he is working for some insurance,tiwari thinks so I am right it is all vibhus plan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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