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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anita coming in the room and asking Vibhu how are you? Vibhu says just like a servant. Anita says why do you always fight with me? Vibu says because you have made me a servant of this house. Anita says get lost and I don’t want to talk to you. Vibhu goes saying yes i wanted to go away from the house and see anguri. There Angoori gets up and is walking in sleep. She goes down and out of the house. Vibhu who is waiting at his front yard sees anguri coming. He is shocked to see her come on the street. Anguri comes and starts dancing on a song which pelu turns on on his radio. Anguri dances sensuously and then goes away. Pelu turns off the radio and smiles. Vibhu goes saying oh my god and sits in shock in his room. Anita looks at him and thinks why is he tensed and

scared and asks him where were you? Vibhu does not answer. Anita goes back to sleep.
At home angyri comes and sleeps. Tiwari looks at her and even calls her but she does not respond. Tiwari thinks why didnt she look at me.
Next day Angoori is in the front yard and is praying to God. She is singing classical song. Vibhu comes and looks at her and is confused. He asks her can she tell him what is in her heart? Anguri says she has only 1 name in her heart. Vibhu says dont says its tiwari. Anguri says its not tiwari. Vibhu says who is it. Anguri says narayan. Vibhu says is it vibhuti narayan? Anguri says no its narayan which means lord krishna and she is jer devotee. Anguri goes in. Vibhu goes to bring milk.
At anitas house. Tiwari comws crying. Anita asks what happened? Tiwari says his doubt was right and anguri went yesterday night out and came back too. Anita says she must have gone to bring water. Tiwari says she never goes alone because she is scared in the night. Anita says ohh and says she saw vibhu too yesterday and he was scared and came in the room at night. Tiwari tells anguri came at around 2 am. Anita says vibhu too came at the same time. They both say lets check today night what’s fishy.
Tiwari goes at the tea stall. He sees tika there. Tikka looks away from Tiwari. Tiwari looks again at tikka. Tika again looks away from Tiwari. Tiwari says to tika what is your problem. Tika asks is everything alright? Tiwari says why? Tika tells is anguri alright. Tiwari gets up and slaps tika. Tika tells i was just saying because the people have become bad. Happu singh comes. Happu singh tells how are you? Tiwari says fine. Saxena comes playing a song on his mobile. He comes and sits near tiwari and asks how is bhabhi maa. Tiwari slaps saxena and goes. Saxena says i like it.
At night anita says today iwill fight with vibhu and send him down and lets see where he goes. Tiwari goes there and sees anguri is reading book. He then says are you learning english? Anguri says yes. Tiwari says ok i am sleeping. They all sleep. There at anitas house anita tells vibhu that he is useless and jobless and tells him get lost. Vibhu goes. He comes down. At night anguri gets up in sleep. She goes down and opens the gate. She goes out. Vibhu is shocked and looking at her. Pelu starts a song. Anguri is dancing on munni badnam hui. Anita comes out in balcony. Tiwari too comes out in his balcony. They both are shocked to se this sight. They look at each other. Vibhu is scared. Anguri dances and goes away. Vibhu looks at pelu who in return smiles at him.

Precap: tiwari says anguri loudly and she gets up and says what happened tiwari ji and let me sleep. She sleeps. Tiwari says she doesnt even remember what she did on the street and is she doing this in sleep?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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