Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri coming and sitting on bed. Tiwari says you took a lot of time and lets romance. They hug when bell rings. Tiwari is frustrated and he opens the door. Its anita and vibhu with bed. Anita tells tiwari about the heat and requests. Tiwari says okay and she is always welcome. Vibhu takes the bed and goes. Anguri welcomes them. They all are happy and anita says we will sleep in a deifferent way today. Vibhu says we are not that modern and tiwari blushes. Anita says i am saying that we both women will sleep and you both men sleep together. They sleep as said.
Next day, at home anguri is bathing. Tiwari tells from out that she is bathing for the15th time and come out quick even he has to bath. Anguri says its too hot and wait. Laddo says let her bath and why do

u disturb her? Tiwari says i bought a cooler but still she is taking so much time. Laddo says why do u need to bath and you dont bath for an entire week. Tiwari scolds him and laddo teases in return. Anguri comes out and tells laddo to say sorry. Laddo says sorry and goes. She tells tiwari only a mug of water is left for him. Tiwari says what and how will i bath? Anguri says you anyways dont bath for a week and she goes.
In the hall anguri comes from kitchen and says its too hot and takes the cooler air. She calls laddo as his teacher will be coming now. Laddo comes. Teacher comes too. He says today the hall is very cool. Anguri says hes because tiwari bought a cooler and he sees it. Teacher says he had a same cooler but yesterday it was robbed. Anguri says that is sad. Teacher says but this cooler is same and the stock is over then how did tiwari buy it? Vibhu comes and says i and tiwati bought it from delhi. Teacher says okay and you dont have manners. Vibhu says dont irritate me and its already so hot. Vibhu says he needs the cooler as anita wants it. Anguri says okay take it. Laddo says no and anguri needs it. Vibhu says i and tiwari bought it in partnership. Vibhu says okay i will take it at night.
At tea stall tiwari is there and happu singh comes speaking on phone. He says that yes he will find the cooler and dont worry. He keeps phone and tiwari asks him what happened about the cooler? Happu tells that masterjis cooler has been robbed so he was talking about that. Tika and malkhan come and say that you will not be able to find the cooler happu singh. Happu gets up and slaps them and goes. Tika and malkhan sit beside tiwari and they say that they know he and vibhu have robbed the cooler. Tiwari says dont tell anyone. Tika and malkhan say even they need the coolers air then. Tiwari says okay.
At night, anita is there on the bed and vibhu comes. They take the cool air of cooler. Anita says bring coffee in this cold air and it will be fun. Vibhu says okay.
The bell rings. Vibhu thinks its tiwari and anguri but after opening door he sees tika and malkhan and they say they have come to sleep. Vibhu says get lost. Tika tells they know that tiwari and he have robbed the cooler and they will go and tell. Vibhu takes them in. Anita says no they cant sleep and we should have privacy. Anita tells tika malkhan to go but they sayvto vibhu they will go at teachers house. Vibhu says no and he tells anita let them sleep and even they are humans. Tika malkhan put their bed and sleep. Tiwari and anguri come and anita and vibhu welcome them. They come and sit on their beds. Anguri says what is tika and malkhan doing here snd she will not sleep here as she feels uncomfortable. Tiwati requests them to go but they say they will go at masterjis house but tiwari amd vibhu stop them and tell them to sleep. Vibhu puts swear on anguri of tiwari. She says okay i will sleep here. They all sleep and malkhan closes the door. At night tiwari starts snoring and everyone is disturbed.

Precap: everyone is sleeping and vibhus chacha comes. He calls vibhu. Vibhu sees and screams. Everyone scream after looking at chacha ji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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