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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,hapu singh looks in anger and says tat I will go in jail but for my company I will take u all to jail too and vibhuti and tiwari are dragging saxena to vibhutis house and happu singh calls them and says tat u tried to fool me and tiwari asks wat have I done and hapu singh says tat u killed saxena and u were trying to hide is body and asks them to remove the parda and seeing saxena hau singh cries and vibhuti tries to tell hapu singh tat he has commited sucide and saxena says don’t fool me anguri bhabhi has told me and he calls them anita and anguri comes out and tiwari says tat so finally anguri u did wat u wanted to do and vibhuti says no it must be anita who must have influenced her y did u do it and tiwari says tat no its not anitas fault its anguri who has confessed

and hapu singh says tat now we all will have to go to jail there are some workers working on a lamp post and the worker by mistake touches the electric current wire to saxena and he shivers and seeing him alive everyone gets happy and happu singh gets hapy and hugs him and again he gets a shock and saxena says I like it
Next day anita is reading her Maxine and bell rangs she asks vibhuti to open the door and she says tat actually I m reading a very interesting article but if u say I will open it and vibhuti says no u read ur article and he opens the door and its pela the rickshaw man and he gives a chit to him vibhuti reads tat there is 1000rs tat u have to give and vibhuti says wats the hurry I will give u next month my wife is sitting behind and pela gives another chit and its written tat u every time say next month and anita hears it from behind and says to how many people u will ask to shut up and vibhuti comes in and says tat its not like tat I will pay him and anita says tat u will take money from some one and then pay him u r useless vibhu u don’t work all the people says tat ur husband is job less have u ever thought how would I feel and she gets upset and goes in and pela comes and sit on her chair and vibhuti cries and says sorry anu but she has already left he then asks pel if he will have tea and he says yes and vibhuti asks him to stay he will bring from him
‘tiwari is scolding tilu on phone tat he should concenterate on business people are not buying undergarments our business is going low and u are not at all attentive and anguri comes with a cup of tea and tiwari asks her to stay and later takes the tea and she asks wats the problem and tiwari says tat didn’t u hear me talking on phone and she says yes tat the business is not going well and tiwari gets angry and says tat if u have heard y r u asking cant u see me in tension and anguri says tat cani give u an idea and he says tell and she tells tat u prepare a song on undergarments and u wear the undergarments u sell and do publicity everywhere and listening to this tiwari gets very angry and says tat u don’t have any sense of business u r a foolish women and u don’t even know the spelling of business and comes ladu and warns tiwari tat he should not talk this way to bhabhi and tiwari asks him to shut up and anguri asks ladu not to talk like this with big brother while tiwari says tat I m not scared of even ama u can go and complaint to her also and they both go inside while tiwari gets a littile bit scared of the thought tat ladu will tell amaji
Anguri is cooking bhajiya and vibhuti comes while anguri is crying and vibhuti asks her wats wrong and anguri says tat tiwari shouts at him and he said tat I m a foolish woman and cant even spell business and vibhuti says tat that cheap man how could he even talk to u like this and anguri asks vibhuti tat y is he upset and vibhuti tells tat anita insulted me in front of rickshaw man she called me nala(useless) person and I m feeling very hurt and then anguri asks him to have this bhajiya and vibhuti eats it and says tat this bhajiya is really very tasty and and idea clicks in his mind and he tells anguri tatthey will start a business of tifin cattering services and anguri says it’s a nice idea and she asks wat will we name it and vibhuti says tat we will name it SPH cattering services and whispers the full form in anguris ear and she also says tat its nice name and vibhuti then tells tat he has less money can she take 10,000 rs from tiwari and anguri says tat he never gives me 10rs how will he give me 10,000 rs and vibhuti says I will tell u how.

Tiwari is calculating the money tat he has to yet get from his dealers and says tat this tilu is of no use now I have to go and collect the money and anguri comes in and says tat wat r u d oing and tiwari says he looking at the calculations and anguri says tat u have to keep this work in shop and in bedroom its only romance Tiwari says tat today u r so romantic usually on other days when I say I love u u get into an accelerating mode and anguri says try me now and he says I love u and she says me too and then he takes her closer and says u r my sweet heart and he says to tiwari u r my baby and then he asks her to come more close and she says no first I want something and he says do u want my life my heart is already with u and anguri says no I want 10,000 and tiwari says I can give u 10,00,000 lakh rs but and anguri says no I want only 10,000 rs and tiwari asks for wat and she says I want to do business with vibhuti and tiwari gets a back and he says tat vibhuti is useless u r an innocent women so he is using u and anguri says no the idea is very nice even I liked it and tiwari asks wat idea and she tells its starting a tiffin service and tiwari says tat u don’t know how to handle a business u don’t even know the spelling of business and anguri then comes close to his ear and reads the spelling tat she has written on her hand and tiwari gets shocked and says to her tat the money is in cupboard

Vibhuti tells anguri tat SH cervices has got its first order of 50 tifins and then tiwari says wat is this going on and vibhuti says its our meeting while anguri is seen telling tiwari tat the way I respect ur business the same way now u respect my business and go in and have food while vibhuti comes home and anita asks him to go and do household work and vibhuti says to her tat he is very busy and leaves later tiwari is seen misplacing the names tags on the tifin.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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