Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita telling meenal she will not tell her what ever she does with whom she will celebrate the new year. She goes. Tiwari says he will know himself with whom she will celebrate new year.
At night tiwari is standing at balcony, he says with whom is anita celebrating new year? Then he says if she isnt celebrating with vibhu then he is there too. Then in auto a thief comes who is actually vibhu. Vibhu gets down. Tiwari says that this is a thief and will anita celebrate with him? Pelu asks vibhu to give him money. Vibhu removes the knife and tells to go. Pelu goes. Tiwari thinks that this is dangerous thief. Vibhu goes at the door and tells anita to open and asks her why she took so long? Anita tells him to come inside. Tiwati says what the hell and why did she

take him inside? Then anita and vibhu come in. Vibhu speaks in the voice of a kanpuri thief. Anita says why has he come? He tells to celebrate new year with her. She tells is that so. Tiwari rings the bell. Anot and vibhu come back to normal and vibhu says who the hell is it and he broke my tuning. Anita opens the door and sees tiwati. Tiwari tries to enter but she keeps him out. She tells him what happened? Tiwari tells he saw a thief entering here. Anita says no and there was no one. Tiwari says yes he saw and can he see. Anita says no there was no one and she tells go at gulfam kalis concert and dont disturb them. She closes the door. Then anita and vibhu come back in form. Tiwari says what to do and he says he will enter through kitchen and tiwari goes in and sees from there. Anita is romancing with vibhu on the song takete rehta tujhko from dabang in bhojpuri version. They both dance on it. Vibhu throws roses on anita and anita is getting close with vibhu when tiwari comes storms in with anger and says stop this. Anita and vibhu get shocked. Tiwari says to theif what are u doing this and tells anita he did not expect this from her. Anuta tells actually this thief was blackmailing her wuth knife and made her dance with him. Vibhu shows the knife and then tells him should he kill him? And tells tiwari to turn his face the other side. Tiwari gets scared and tells ok but dont do anything to anita. Thief asks why and is she somethibg to you? He tells not me but belongs to vibhuti. Thief tells then why does he care and vibhu shows him knife and tells him to turn other side. Then vibhu makes noises of kissing anita and they fool tiwari. Anita and vibhu laugh. Vibhu tells he will kiss anita and he makes noise.tiwari says no. Vibhu says face other side and shows knife. Vibhu then tells he is taking her into bedroom. Tiwari says no that he will have to kill him first. There mom and anguri come from auto and see door is locked. Mom asks tiwari must have gone somewhere with friends and he is a cow. Anguri says no tiwari must be here somewhere and he will not lie. Mom says they dont have another jey then what to do? Anguri says lets go in anitas house and they will sit there. They ho and ring the bell. There vibhu shows signs to anita to open the door and he will take tiwari in. Vibhu points knife to him and takes him in the kitchen. Anita opens the door and anguri and mom enter the house. They stand there. Anita says what happened? Anguri says tiwari is not at home and so they came here. Mom says now will she keep them standing or make them sit. Anita says ofcourse sit and they sit. Anita says then when will he come. Anguri says donr know. Anita tells he must have gone somewhere here and he will come. In kitchen vibhu points knife to tiwari and tells him to shut up. Outside mom says she is hungry and can she get something to eat. Anita tells making reason that she actually did not make any food. Anguri says then she will go and make and she goes in the kitchen though anita tries to stop her. Anguri screams as she sees thief(vibhu) pointing knife to tiwari. Mom comes there. She starts hitting vibhu. Anguri and tiwari start hitting too. Happu singh who is going sees and enters kitchen through window and he also starts hitting. Anita says he also came. They bring vibhu out and hit him. Anita goes and switches off light and ons it again. Vibhu goes and now everyone is hitting happu singh. Happu singh gets up and says what the hell and they hit him badly. All keep quiet. Mom says where did that thief go. Anita says forget it and he must have run away. Mom says good that he ran or else she would have hit him badly. Till then from out vibhu dresses normal and comes in and says what is happening guys happily. Mom and tiwari tell there was a thief. Then he looks at happu singh and says what has happened? Happu singh says that now he is asking who is ram after listening to ramayana. Anita says forget it and that it is 12 am and she wishes happy new year. Everyone wish happy new year to each other. Then tiwari sees a moustache and they all look at it. Vibhu too looks at it. Tiwari says what is this? Episode ends on their faces.

Precap: vibhu asks anita where has she gone. Anita tells she came from the master who takes measurements for her dresses. Vibhu says and did the master take the measurements? Anita says yes and goes. Vibhu says then a master will only take the measurements of anguri. At tiwaris house vibhu becomes the master and goes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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